Triple J sells its OZ music cred

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The Music Network has published the first of an excellent 2-part series looking at Triple J.

Whilst the article, as most seem to, reads too much into individual survey performance rather than considering the medium or long-term trend-lines, it is nevertheless a fascinating look at the inner workings of Triple J.

The article discusses in depth the music strategy and implementation of the Triple J brand.

The station runs a self-imposed quota of 50% Australian content, and are understandably keen to push their credentials in this area. Recently at the APRA Song Summit in Sydney, Triple J Manager Chris Scaddan asked CRA Boss Joan Warner why commercial radio doesn't play more Australian music, her response: 'We would if we had tax-payers money'.

Not that Triple J would admit it, however privately they would probably prefer it if the commercial stations didn't support new Australian music much further than presently occurs.

This is a key pillar of the Triple J brand and one that works best, for them, when they are not being challenged; as occurred when the Nova brand was positioned as a new music network. 

The Music Network spoke to long-time industry executive Michael Parisi (left); 

“Right now Triple J is probably the most influential it’s ever been, If you’re a young act, unless you get Triple J, it’s really hard to sustain any kind of workable business model. Whether you’re a touring act, or your business is predicated on selling music, if you don’t get Triple J, it’s very tough"

"Because, let’s face it, commercial radio aren’t here to do us any favours. They’ve got their own agendas. Triple J help to establish careers. If we didn’t have it, I wouldn’t have Stonefield. And I wouldn’t have Owl Eyes. Seriously."

The complete article from Lars Brandle is worth a read, see it at The Music Network here.

For a perspective from Radio Today on Australian content, you can read 'burned you black' from the archives here.

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