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Triple J's annual Hottest 100 countdown has started, and this years is perhaps the most eagerly anticipated and widely discussed ever.

At the commencement of the countdown Triple J put a swift end to the speculation by announcing that Taylor Swift had been banned from the countdown and would not appear.

Based on the actual votes received Triple J revealed that 'Shake it off' would have appeared in the #12 spot in the countdown.

The website that Triple J linked to (here) with their '8 hilarious but totally true reasons you won't hear "shake it off" in the countdown' crashed at launch, although is now back online and has outlined why the Taylor Swift campaign "got a one-way ticket to bansville'

A couple of the reasons for the banning given were;

"It became pretty clear, pretty quick, that a lot of people just wanted to "prod some hipsters for the lulz". The Hottest 100 has as zero tolerance for trolls as it does for non-organic heirloom carrots”

The article also noted that the votes were tarnished due to 'a fried chicken company eagerly to wrap their greasy fingers around a freshly minted hashtag'.

So whilst Triple J didn't start 'Swift-gate', they will be extremely pleased with the chatter and cume hit around the controversy, and they have managed the speculation beautifully, only killing the chance moments before the countdown.

It is likely that this years Hottest 100 will see the highest listenership ever.

Oh and in an amusing touch, Triple J have pumped up Taylor Swifts tyres by saying;

"To be clear Triple J doesn't have a problem with Taylor Swift, she's smart, she's cool, she's successful and she has great taste in BFF's. 'Shake it off' shows she hates trolls, so we've even got that in common."

This tweet from a Taylor Swift fan is probably the most accidentally amusing tweet of the day so far. Always funny when a grammatical/spelling/word selection error completely changes the meaning of a comment:


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