Trevor Noah joins Mix94.5 to address racist joke controversy

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South African-born comedian Trevor Noah joined Clairsy, Matt and Kymba on Mix94.5 Breakfast this morning to address the controversy that has stemmed from the recent unearthing of racist jokes he made in 2013.

The Daily Show host spoke about recently discovered footage of his old stand-up routine, in which he made discriminatory comments about Aboriginal women.

The vision has led to calls for people to boycott his upcoming Australian tour.

Noah told Clairsy, Matt and Kymba that he has since learned more about the problematic nature of the comments he made, and they no longer make up any part of his comedy routine.

“I’m living life in a linear fashion and so I can grow as a person. I can change the way I formulate jokes and craft ideas,” he said.

“Someone will come up with something that you’re not doing now and the mere fact that you’re not doing it, for me, implies that you clearly feel differently.

“When I came to Australia, I had the opportunity to experience Aboriginal people first hand and to be educated in the history of Aboriginal people.

“You come to realise that the image that you grew up within the rest of the world is not as quaint as you are taught to believe, so the joke carries with it so much more gravity.”

Hear the chat in full, below:

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