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Triple M Brisbane will hold their 6th annual 'Tradie for a Lady' this Saturday at Eagle Farm Racecourse for Ladies Day.

The event began in 2007 when the (then) Breakfast show read an email on the air from a female listener asking where the best place to meet a tradie was in Brisbane.

Like any good radio station they saw the opportunity to develop a great story arc. The bonus was that the first event resulted in a wedding and a baby!

Triple M listener Sarah Reeves, who attended the first event and subsequently married a tradie she met on the day, said; 

"All women deep down like a man who can protect them. It's a bit of a caveman thing. When I met Dave at Tradie for a Lady 2007, he was my tradie-in-shining-armour! It was as if the crowd split and there was Dave heading my way to pull me from the claws of another who wouldn’t take no for an answer"

Sarah married welding supervisor Dave on September 7, 2007. Triple M will be hoping for more success for both the ladies and the tradies this weekend at Eagle Farm.

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