Voting Closing: Top Hot New Talent 2015

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Voting for Brad March’s Top Hot New Talent 2015 closes Sunday Night. Already we’ve had a stack of people put forward their Hot New Talents. 

You can choose your Top 5 Hot New Talent’s for 2015 below. We will publish the results on Monday.


Or Vote  here 

A couple of peeps  have asked, are we allowing the same people to vote over and over? The answer is no. We’ve got clever stuff to stop that stuff.

If you want to hear any of the Top Hot New Talent 2015 again here are the links to each:


The Audio #1  Daniel Gawned and Caitlin McCormack

The Audio #2: Jaben Ryan and Hayley Morcom

The Audio #3 Gosia Rakiej and Ryan Jon

The Audio #4 Ross Wallman and Simon Takla

The Audio #5 Sam & Dom and Bec Lee

The Audio #6 Tim Wong See and English Chris

The Audio #7 Tom & Olly and Cat Lynch

The Audio #8 Elliot Lovejoy and Ashleigh Blutcher

The Audio #9 Amos Gill and Ilaria Brophy

The Audio #10 Anakin Skyrocker and Kel Wolfe

The Audio #11 Ben Erbsland & Kristie Mercer

The Audio #12 Ben Jenkins & Michael Hing and Marty Smiley


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