Toni and Ryan host surprise Harry Potter event in Brisbane

Ryan Jon from the Toni and Ryan podcast fulfilled his belated Christmas gift to Toni Lodge by booking her a whole cinema to watch Harry Potter, but the booking was in the wrong state.

“So you know how for Christmas I booked you a little cinema in Melbourne so you could watch Harry Potter?” Ryan asked Toni.

“Well, I accidentally booked a massive cinema but in Brisbane.”

Ryan accidentally booked the cinema in Brisbane which they flew to anyway, taking the opportunity to put out the call to local fans once they touched down. 

Fans responded by filling the cinema, joining Toni and Ryan for a Harry Potter special event that saw Toni’s face on the screen as Harry on a Christmas broomstick.

With Toni dressed in Gryffindor uniform and Ryan in Slytherin, fans also rolled in wearing their best get-ups for the event.


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21 Feb 2023 - 6:24 am

Love their podcast but also really great to see these guys doing real ‘ radio ‘ promotions. Some radio shows could take a leaf out of their book. They deserve all their success looks like they work hard for it.


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