The Voice: ‘crap’ or ‘inspiring’

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Channel Nine has done a fantastic job with the television program 'The Voice', it is often compelling, sometimes infuriating, but always exceptionally well produced.

Not to mention the ratings have been extraordinary.

There is no real surprise that with the failure of the brand in the UK, they have now pointed to the Australian version as the model that they will adopt for the next season in that country.

The Voice judge Seal, pictured at Smooth 95.3 in Sydney today, has been doing the media round prior to the finale.

Speaking about the show, and in particular finalist Karise Eden, Seal commented;

"There are many singers and non singers who need to be heard, who needs some type of validation, who are going through trials and tribulation, the fortune, the less fortunate, the millions of people who were told they would never amount to anything, all the people who just wanted to express something but don’t really have a voice"

"They do have the voice now, a voice of a generation who is speaking for everyone who has never been heard and her name is Karise Eden…..such is the greatness of Karise, when she opens her mouth on the radio, from the first note of her voice, you will know it’s her".

However is 'The Voice' about television ratings or developing music artists. Or both.

Paul Cashmere from music news site said;

"Why are people in the music industry even watching that piece of crap called The Voice? The Voice, like Australian Idol before it, is a shallow TV template that is designed to generate ratings for TV and revenue for production houses, not careers for artists"

"The Voice is a cheesy attempt at pretending to be a music show. It is what is wrong with the music industry. Talent comes from within, not from a 1800 number and respect can only be earned, never won".

Hear Seal discussing The Voice on Nova this morning.

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