The Stunts Wendy Harmer refused to do

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After 11 years Wendy Harmer, Peter Moon and Paul Holmes, the 2DAY FM Morning Crew called it a day. They secured a record run being the number 1 FM Breakfast show for 84 out of 88 surveys.

“The best thing about rating well for so long is that you get to have a little room where you can lock the door and keep management out,”

“If you’re not rating well, they’re in your ear all day long saying, ‘Why don’t you do this?” said Wendy  to

“Every now and then though the door would get left open and a radio honcho would walk in and pitch an idea, and boy, some of them were real “doozies”.

Wendy spoke to about some of the radio stunts over the years from Cow Pat Lotto to one that didn’t get a run winning plastic surgery with Wendy saying: “ That was never going to happen, not when I was there anyway.”

The other stunts that didn’t see the light of day with the Morning Crew where they drew a line or were just lame?

 “They wanted us to send a listener into space and there would be a huge build up and then it would turn out that the listener was actually going to be taken to some anti-gravity training centre,”

“It would have been the biggest let down ever and our audience would have killed us.”

Wendy and the team came up with a bunch of promos that are still around and have been picked up by TV. Wendy came up with the one that Channel NinesMarried at First Sight  is based on, the original was the  Morning Crews Two Strangers and a Wedding.

“That thing, that really caused a big ruckus at the time,” Wendy told

“We married two listeners, Glenn and Leif, off in a commitment ceremony and it was huge. Fred Nile was jumping up and down and all of these other religious types. Stan Grant from Channel 7 followed them to Paris for their honeymoon and it made it into papers all over the world.”

One of the Stunts that went wrong?

“I remember our man on the street, Frank Vincent, he was in this stunt called Dash for Cash. We pinned money all over him and sent him out to a park and the idea was that you had to catch him to win the cash.

“But there were a lot of highly trained athletes who rocked up and they caught him within 20 metres and they almost killed him.”

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