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Survey #6 is out, and all the networks are either behind closed doors, or celebrating loudly; depending on what the GFK gods have provided .

As the spin begins, every station will be a winner….funny that. We'll post the media releases below as they come in.


Our Listeners, Listen Longer!

September 30, 2014

Fairfax Radio Network’s Perth stations, 6PR and 96FM are the two most listened to stations in Perth for Survey 6. 6PR was the market leader with the audience engaged for an outstanding 13 hours 42 minutes per week. 96FM came in next with 9 hours 52 minutes, more than two hours above their nearest FM rival. 6PR had many highlights across the survey; with Gary Adshead in Mornings, Peter Bell in Afternoons and Paul Murray in Drive, all out-ranking their talk rivals. In the Drive shift’s best result in over three years, Paul Murray recorded a share of 9.9% and has more than doubled his audience since the start of the year. Peter Bell continues to resonate with the 6PR audience recording his highest share to now sit at 8.5%.

6PR continued its impressive charge in the P40-54 demographic, rising above 10% for the first time since Survey 2, 2013.

96FM enjoyed another solid performance with a steady result across sessions and demographics.
Mark Pascoe in Mornings and Brad Pottinger in Afternoons both ranked number 2 in their shifts with shares of 12.8% and 14.5% respectively.

Together, 96FM and 6PR reach an outstanding 23% of the most influential Perth market – those people in the P35-64 demographic. The discretionary spending power of this group means that advertisers enjoy great success when choosing Fairfax Radio Network. 96FM and 6PR General Manager Martin Boylen said: “Survey 6 was very pleasing for everyone at Fairfax Radio Network Perth. 6PR’s growth since the start of the year has been outstanding and can be attributed to the hard work and dedication of our staff in every department. 96FM’s result consolidates our position in the market and the rise in cumulative audience, coupled with our extremely high TSL, positions us for strong growth over the final two Surveys of the year.”
For further information contact:
Martin Boylen
96FM and 6PR

smoothfm 91.5 has the largest number of listeners in the station’s history with a cumulative audience of 668,000 according the GfK survey results released today. The station is also Number 1 FM in the key demographic of females 40 to 54 with a share of 11.7%.

smoothfm 91.5 experienced cumulative audience growth in afternoons, drive, evenings and weekends and increased in the station’s key 25-39, 25-54 and 40-54 demographics.

Paul Jackson, NOVA Entertainment Group Program Director said, “We are thrilled with the results for smoothfm 91.5 today. With a record number of listeners to the station, increases in the station’s key demographics and the number one position for 25+ and 40-54 females, the station is in a strong position as we head towards the end of the year.”

Key highlights for Survey 6:


All people 10+
Breakfast (5.30am to 9am)
Afternoons (12pm to 4pm)
Drive (4pm to 7pm)
Females 25+
Females 40-54


4.8% (up from 4.7%)
8.0% (up from 7.8%)
6.6% (up from 6.5%)
5.2% (up from 4.6%)
7.3% (up from 6.7%)
9.0% (up from 8.3%)
7.8% Number 1 FM
11.7% Number 1 FM


All people 10+
Afternoons (12pm to 4pm)
Drive (4pm to 7pm)
Mellow Music (7pm to 12
Weekends (5.30am to 12 Midnight)

668,000 (up from 649,000)
344,000 (up from 324,000)
331,000 (up from 318,000)
211,000 (up from 190,000)
435,000 (up from 429,000)

Nova 100 increased in key shows, including breakfast, mornings and afternoons, with Kate, Tim & Marty remaining Number 1 in drive (4pm – 6pm) according to the GfK Media Research results released today. The station’s cumulative audience increased to 970,000 listeners (up from 935,000).

Key highlights:

Nova 100 – All ppl 10+
Cumulative audience – All ppl 10+
Meshel & Tommy (Cume 10+)

Meshel & Tommy / Breakfast
Mornings (9am – 12noon)
Afternoons (12noon – 4pm)
Kate, Tim & Marty – 10+ (4pm – 6pm)
Smallzy’s Surgery / Late Nights – 10+ (7pm – 12 midnight)


7.3% (up from 6.8%)
970,000 (up from 935,000)
519,000 (up from 502,000)

6.7% (up from 6.2%)
5.9% (up from 5.4%)
8.1% (up from 7.3%)
9.1% (9.5%) #1FM
7.7% (7.7%) #1FM

Helen Davies, Nova 100 General Manager said, “Today’s survey shows everyone’s hard work is continuing to deliver strong results. From Meshel & Tommy in breakfast right through to Smallzy’s Surgery at night, the teams continue to create real, relatable and entertaining content for our audiences. We’re heading in the right direction towards Summer when Nova really begins to shine.”

For more information, please contact:
Jane Elliott, Publicity Director on (03) 9425 2804, 0428 508 628, [email protected]

* Source: GfK Media Research Melbourne, Survey #6 released 30 September 2014 – Mon-Sun 5.30am – 12MN 

• Ash, Kip & Luttsy are Brisbane’s most listened to Breakfast show with 324,000 people
• Kate, Tim & Marty and Fitzy & Wippa are Brisbane’s number one Drive show from 4pm-7pm (14.1%)
• Nova 106.9 is again the number one station for all people under 40 in the Brisbane market with 22.5% share – 74 in a row!

In celebration of Nova 106.9 claiming its 74th straight survey win as Brisbane's number one station for people under 40, Nova staff were asked:
"What is the one thing you'd like to do before you turn 40?"

The answers are in and we've alerted Customs… and HR…

Courtney Piaud – "Be in a Bollywood film."
Abbey Barry – "Travel to Africa on Safari.”
Anna O'Neill – "….is this a sex question?"
Mitchell Couchman – “Sail the Mediterranean on a private yacht.”
Emily Buckby – “Go to Carnivale in Brazil…”
Brad Roberts – "….this question is too late!"
Camille Cannings – “Skydive, dance on the beach in Mexico and sleep in a see-through igloo in Finland.”
Luxy Dixon – "Go wild in Rio during Carnivale!”
Anna Bloor – "Can it be a person and not a thing?"
Simone Prasad – “Spend summer travelling around the Greek Islands, visit the pyramids in Egypt by camel, dance in the Rio Carnivale in Brazil and sail a yacht around the Caribbean.”
Matt Frost – "Spend a month snowboarding in Alaska."
Claire Freer – "This survey is just cruel!"

Program Director Jay Walkerden said the win reflects Nova's unwavering focus in delivering world class radio for the under 40s.

"This record win shows the passion of the entire Nova team in creating great radio for our listeners," Walkerden said.

"I couldn't be prouder of this team who are determined to create content that makes listeners want to 'Live Life Nova’…"

Contact – Shout Communications
Michelle Vecchio 0414 287 231 or Liz Miers 0447 223 021 [email protected]

* Source: GfK Media Research Brisbane, Survey #6 released 30 September 2014 – Mon-Sun 5.30am – 12MN


Brisbane’s newest radio station Magic 882 continues to strengthen its position as the city’s adult

music station.

Once again, Ian Keenan and Greg Victor increased their audiences across the Morning and Drive
shows respectively, leading the way for Magic.

“This is another solid result for Magic 882 and confirms the new format for 2014 is gaining real
momentum,” 4BC and Magic 882 General Manager Anthony Frangi said.
Magic 882 also recorded increases in cume PPL 10+ and Time Spent Listening across the station,
further strengthening its position in the Brisbane market. Magic 882 holds the highest Time Spent

The return of the NRL, including broadcasts of Friday night and weekend football, has also paid
dividends for News Talk 4BC with increases in audience share.


For further information contact:
Anthony Frangi
4BC and Magic

Nova Network's Audience in Uncharted Territory

In today’s Survey 6 Results, the Nova Network delivered an audience of 3,256,000 more than 300,000 ahead of its nearest competitor and maintains its position as Australia’s Number 1 Metro Radio network, with share wins nationally in breakfast, drive and nights.

Key Highlights:

1. Nova is the #1 metro network in Australia in share (8.7%) and cume (3,256,000) ahead of its nearest
   competitor by 310,000 listeners.
2. Nova Network #1 in key advertiser demo 25-44 (13.4%)
3. Nova 93.7 equal #1 in Perth for the first time in history (share 13.6%)
4. Nova 96.9 Breakfast with Fitzy & Wippa record biggest jump in Sydney (+ 0.9% in share and +  
    76,000 in cume).
5. Nova’s Kate, Tim & Marty #1 national Drive show (11.2%) 
6. Nova’s Smallzy’s Surgery #1 national Night show share (10.1%) and cume (787,000) 
7. smoothfm 91.5 Melbourne has record number of listeners (668,000) and is #1 FM for women 25+  
    (share 7.8%) 

Cathy O'Connor, NOVA Entertainment CEO said, “It’s great to see the Nova Network audience so far ahead of the pack but even more promising is our leading share position in the key advertising demographics of under 40 and 25-44. Also a special mention must be made of Perth’s Nova 93.7 moving into the equal number 1 position for the first time in the station’s history." 

Source: GfK Media Research, Survey #6 2014 released on 30 September 2014 – Mon-Sun 5.30am-12MN
Network Results based on 5 cap cities. Share, Average Audience & Cume vs Today Network, Triple M, Mix/Kiis Network (SMBA only)


Today’s survey 6 results have delivered yet another win, cementing Australian Radio Network’s (ARN) hugely successful 2014 and solidifying its position as the market leader.

Sydney stations and their respective breakfast show WS FM101.7 and Jonesy & Amanda and KIIS 1065 and Kyle & Jackie O take out the #1 and #2 positions.

Adelaide and Brisbane stations 97.3FM and Mix102.3 and their corresponding breakfast shows hold their #1 overall and #1FM status and in Melbourne GOLD104.3 climbs to take out the #2FM.


Other national highlights today include:


         #1FM station for WS FM101.7 and #2FM for KIIS 1065
         #1FM Breakfast for Jonesy & Amanda increasing 0.5 points to 9.9% share
         #2FM Breakfast for Kyle & Jackie and still the leading show with 555,000 listeners tuning in                each day, an increase of 22,000 listeners
         #1FM Drive for WS FM101.7’s Lars Peterson, increasing to a 9.4% share and Afternoons with            Jason Staveley continues to take out #1FM ahead by 4.6%



         GOLD104.3 is  Melbourne’s #2FM station with the station achieving its highest cumulative                  audience since 2006 with 864,000 listeners every week (up 39,000)
         Mix101.1 retain a strong cumulative audience of 896,000 listeners per week



         #1 station overall for 97.3fm for 6th consecutive survey, leading by 1.5 points with 13% share
         #1FM Breakfast overall for Robin, Terry & Bob with a 12.9% share



         #1 Station overall for Mix102.3 with staggering 15.2% share
         #1FM Breakfast for Jodie, Soda & Snowy – their 38th consecutive survey as #1FM

ARN’s National Content Director Duncan Campbell says; “It’s certainly been a fantastic year for ARN, our best ever, and these results continue to reflect that. Congratulations to all of our teams for their hard work and solid achievement in creating the best possible entertainment for our audiences. Our strategy is well and truly in place for the rest of the year and 2015 and these wins keep us motivated to take ARN to the next level.”

ARN’s Chief Executive Ciaran Davis continues; “Today’s results across our network further demonstrate the strength of the ARN offering, holding the number 1FM network position across all people 10+ and the commercially important 25-54 demographic.

“Our investment across the network in talent and marketing to drive ratings growth, content marketing and integration to drive new commercial opportunities and the development of new technologies such as iHeartRadio is resonating with clients and we continue to perform strongly across the board.”


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