The ‘perfect storm’ that hit 4GY

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The recent flooding has left many places devastated.

Gympie residents may be used to regular flooding, but 4GY weren't expecting last weekends weather to take them off-air for over 48 hours.

It's not ideal at any time, let alone when local residents are looking for news and information.

Trevor Taege from 4GY told us, "It was a perfect storm. The power went out, the generator blew up and we couldn't get anyone out to fix it"

We also hear that their main transmitter is still down and in need of repairs while 4GY are currently broadcasting from their #2 transmitter.

The station went off-air on Sunday morning and returned Tuesday lunchtime. That would have felt like an eternity for dedicated radio people wanting to inform their local community.

See some of the pics from the Gympie flooding here.

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