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There has been a bit going on in radio this week with surveys coming out around the country.

So now it's the weekend and you have a few moments spare, we wanted to just make sure you were across a couple of things.

Firstly, thanks again for your support of Radio Today, we have been genuinely excited by the volume of traffic, comments and feedback to the site (Radio Today uniques at right).

The only downside is for the third time in four months we have had to upgrade our server (yesterday), but hey that's probably a pleasant problem to have.

But to remind you of a couple of things we're doing.

Save The Date

Jacobs Media is one of America's most respected radio consultancy and research firms, and Fred Jacobs is one of the biggest and most experienced names in US radio.

Radio Today, in partnership with AudioNET, will be hosting a 1-hour webinar with Jacobs on the impact of technology and social media next Thursday morning (28th) at 9.30 AEST. 

It is free for all Radio Today subscribers (which is also free!), and you can see all the details here.


Radio Today's Totes Amazeballs iPAD giveaway!

The added bonus, is that by registering for our database, you are instantly allocated a Radio Today Totes Amazeball, which gives you the shot at a 32GB iPAD, which we will award on Monday 2nd July.

Registered yet?

If so. Nice work. If not. The link to register (free) is here. And if you haven't heard our awesome, potential ACRA winning production piece, promo from 8Fun FM talkback legend Graeme Staines, have a listen.

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