The Love God reveals his face

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On the eve of his new show on WS FM101.7, The Love God has revealed his face.

Richard Mercer was one of the major departures from Sydney’s Mix when it morphed into Kiis at the start of the year.

The experienced announcer, who has racked up 35 years in the radio industry, had been presenting his Love Song Dedications on Mix for the past 17.

Mercer told the Sunday Telegraph he was encouraged to adopt a mysterious persona by a programmer: “I was happy to go along with that.”

“The other thing is, what the host looked like could be a distraction. Listeners could imagine me to look like anything and the reality could have been disappointing.”

Mercer’s new show is called Your Song and will air from 7pm weeknights on WS FM101.7.

The radio legend celebrated the new gig by revealing his face and giving the Sunday Telegraph an insight to who he really is.

He told the paper: “Within myself as a person I can be quite shy and self-conscious, but once I get to know someone I’m fine. I’ve been like that my whole life.”

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