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Well the rumours about some significant changes in Melbourne radio have been flying thick and fast for some weeks now.

The first rumour has fallen into place this week with the confirmed departure of Jane Hall from KIIS 101.1 at the end of the year.

And now the scenarios become even more intriguing. Who will replace Jane at KIIS, and will there be flow-on effects onto, or from, other radio stations.

Until now, whilst the rumours have been widely known in the industry, they’ve largely been under the radar….but  The Herald Sun has printed a number of the rumoured changes, so they’re out in the open. Given that we’ll run through them for you.

So here’s what is strongly rumoured to be happening:

Rumour 1 (now fact)

Jane Hall to depart from KIIS 101.1 at the end of the year.

Rumour 2 

Meshel Laurie to leave Nova 100, and ARN to launch the ‘Matt Tilley & Meshel Laurie’ Breakfast show on KIIS in 2016.

Rumour 3

Chrissie Swan to join Nova 100 as Breakfast co-host with either Sam Pang or Tommy Little. With former Brisbane Lion and current Nova 106.9 weekend show host, Jonathon Brown, to be part of the ensemble on Nova 100 Breakfast.

Rumour 4

The Herald Sun has reported that Jules Lund will replace Dave Thornton on Fox FM Breakfast, although this was the first we’d heard of that one, and it appears unlikely.

Rumour 5

It’s not a Melbourne one, but a Sydney one; there is increasing talk that a Sydney FM show will be axed within the next fortnight with a big-name (TV personalities) replacement show to be introduced.


To be fair, the majority of these rumours have either been denied, or ‘no commented’ on from the respective networks and talent, so they could be way off the mark….but if so, there’s a lot of signs pointing in the wrong direction.

It is certainly the time of the year for change, and the Melbourne market looks set for the biggest shakeup of all – but there are movements all over the place.

Watch this space!


Here’s our Poll which went up with the news of Jane Hall’s exit from KIIS on Friday  – already 500 plus votes. Your vote?


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