Cale Porter’s 4:15 Vending Machine giveaway

Fresh 92.7’s Cale Porter of Cale for the Drive Home has recently unveiled his new 4:15 Vending Machine, giving away prizes ranging from cash to chewing gum. 

Cale’s 4:15 Vending Machine is on display now at Greenacres Central, Adelaide, giving listeners the chance to select a number from the vending machine before being the first to call in when Cale for the Drive Home kicks off. 

“This is one of my favourite tactics ever,” said Cale.

“Not only does it increase footfall for the Shopping Centre, it acts as an effective survey tactic for listeners to recall the 4.15 pm timestamp of the Drive Home Show, which is the start of the show”. 

“Listeners just need to check out the Vending Machine in their own time and call through at 4:15 with a code of the prize they want. It’s then awarded on-air.”

For a chance to win, listeners can find the 4:15 Vending Machine at Greenacres Central, 132 Muller Rd Greenacres, Adelaide. 

Last year, Cale took listeners on a boat party where he did a live broadcast of his show from the open water. 

Hear Cale for the Drive Home on Fresh 92.7 Monday 4-6pm and Tue-Thu 4-7pm.

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5 Jun 2023 - 6:53 pm

Brilliant concept

Been Done
6 Jun 2023 - 8:42 am

Yep, certainly is a great idea. Just as good when Fitzy and Carman did it at 96fm in Perth back in 2017. I’m all for recycling great ideas. Just don’t claim it as your own. Credit where it’s due. Well done Fitzy and carmen for a great idea. Just avoid the chips.

6 Jun 2023 - 11:22 am

“Been Done” – in no way does this article claim it as his own.

Fitzy and Carmen weren’t the first either, by the way. It was done pre 2017. Cheers.

7 Jun 2023 - 7:38 am

“Credit where it’s due?” Fitzy and Carmen did not create this (not that it matters).

I was part of the team who ran this back in August 2016 at Nova Adelaide. Photo below on the Nova 919 instagram, just to clarify.

I’ve simply reinvented it ever so slightly and placed it in a public place for a different mechanic.


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