The biggest prank call ever ?

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Yesterday on Twitter, Mumbrella asked…

"So @MrSamMac are you the evil genius behind this?"

They were referring to a couple of YouTube clips that were posted to Sam's channel across the weekend. They are both prank calls to 2SM night host Graeme Gilbert.

In what he calls The Definitive India (Biggest Radio Prank ever) Sam describes it as…

"A group of idiots conduct the biggest radio prank ever during the quiz on Graeme Gilbert's 'Talk Tonight'. No matter what the question is, they think the answer is India. This is no way to treat such a respected broadcaster. What a bunch of imbeciles."

Have a listen (be warned it goes for nearly 16 minutes but is worth it).


The other clip doing the rounds is a caller reciting the lyrics to the Family Guy theme song.

Sam has commented on the clip saying…

“Some idiot has nothing better to do than waste the time of legendary broadcaster Graeme Gilbert by reciting the lyrics to the Family Guy theme song. What a moron.”

Hear the call below.


Read the Mumbrella story here

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