Tomorrow: the 3 building blocks of successful Breakfast Shows

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The excellent series on 'Building Breakfast Shows' from Radio Today's Greg Smith continues tomorrow; you can see the previous 9 articles here.
In the article, Greg speaks with highly respected US Breakfast Show coach Steve Reynolds, who reveals the 3 building blocks of successful, high rating Breakfast Shows.
Tomorrow, in part, Steve writes:



While doing a breakfast show for many years, it wasn’t until I watched focus groups about our program that this (executing a Breakfast Show strategically) became apparent.

I long wondered not if we were successful (ratings showed that we were), but why were we successful? What was it we did that listeners retained? How did they talk about the show (especially in relation to our competitors)? What compelled them to come back the next day? What about the show resonated with them?

The answers, I assumed as anchor and executive producer, didn’t completely match up to what they said. In my few years after watching these focus groups, we made different and better decisions, all correlated to the strategy, that became apparent from those focus groups. As a result, our ratings went up. 

Tomorrow morning on Radio Today, we will publish the lessons from Steve in full, and let you know the 3 building blocks, from Steve's experience, in building great, high-rating Breakfast Shows.


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