Hit104.9’s Seamus & Riley-Rose condemn Serena Williams cartoon

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Hit104.9‘s Seamus and Riley-Rose have weighed in on the Serena Williams cartoon controversy that has seen Herald Sun illustrator Mark Knight slammed on a global scale.

“It’s not actually a question of political correctness, it’s a question of racism,” begins Seamus.

“That picture, that is drawn is racist, it’s not a matter of who drew it or why they drew it or that Mark Knight draws other people in a similar style. It’s the fact that there is an African American woman being depicted in a negative light by drawing disproportionate nose, lips and in an animalistic fashion.”

Seamus goes on to explain the history of racist cartoons that have oppressed minorities in the past.

The pair then played a clip of fellow network-mates Hughsey and Kate talking to Knight defending himself and his cartoon.

Listen to the full break below.

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14 Sep 2018 - 11:39 pm

So a couple of upstart non-event announcers from a small country town want their 15 minutes of fame by promoting the suppression of free speech and satire. My God, the lefties call for the race or gender card at the drop of a hat. What has happened to Australian’s sense of humour?
Obviously, Seamus and Riley-Rose should be entitled to their opinion but they won’t go far with such polarising views if they are lucky to one day figure in a market that is surveyed.
As talented as she may be, Serena willfully trashed the wonderful inspirational moment of talented newcomer Naomi Osaka. Unforgivable and not worthy of sympathy for an alleged racist slur.


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