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Guy Mylecharane is approaching a decade in the commercial radio industry, three of those with SCA.

He’s now hosting weekday afternoons and Saturday morning on the Triple M Classic Hits network – moving to Albury from Triple M & Hit Mid North Coast.

Prior to joining SCA, Guy worked at 2GN and Eagle FM, 2XL and Snow FM and 7HOFM.

Radio Today caught up with Guy for 10 questions…

–  First off, what made you pursue radio?  How old were you when you decided that radio was the career you wanted?

I was probably about 15 when I really decided radio was my passion and something I loved, however, I remember being about eight years old and interviewing people with an old tape recorder so I think it was always going to happen one way or another.

I got my first on-air radio gig at the age of 17, in December 2003, at Melbourne youth community station SYN FM (Now SYN 907) and in 2005 I also become involved at a narrowcast station called 1611 AM Double X.

After school I studied a broadcasting diploma at Holmesglen Tafe in 2006, and in 2007 studied the  Swinburne commercial radio course (sadly no longer around).  In 2011 I studied the AFTRS commercial programming course.

–  What advice would you offer anyone looking at getting into radio?

Make sure radio is something you are passionate about because radio is not for the faint-hearted. This is an industry where you have to give 110% every day, but if you work hard the rewards and job satisfaction are second to none.  It’s also a great idea to find a mentor in the industry who can give you feedback on your on-air work (or any other role in radio you might be interested in).

For your first job be prepared to move and go regional to learn the ropes. I cannot speak highly enough of regional radio. I have made close friends both in and outside of radio who I still keep in touch with today.

Don’t just be all about radio, make sure you get out and about in the town you live in and become a part of the community, and also enjoy where you are at, what you are doing – don’t be in such a hurry to move on so quickly.

Everyone I know in the radio industry who has had a long career still loves what they do to this very day. Be prepared to do your time, work hard and try not to get complacent. You also don’t necessarily have to work in a capital city to be a success. I have met many radio people who are amazing talents and icons in the areas they broadcast to.

–  What would you say is the best thing about working at a regional radio station?

As I have mentioned already, the best thing is learning about all the different areas, working closely with people who almost become like a 2nd family, and the amazing regional lifestyle away from the full on environment of a city. You get to have a much better connection with your audience on a local level.

–  Presenting your networked program, how do you keep up with what’s going on in each region you cover?

Make sure you network like crazy! Make regular contact with a staff member in the local station who can let you know anything that is happening. If you have friends in the area, communicate with them, and keep an eye across local news sites and facebook groups.

I also have to keep in mind what stations are on my network feed and I must stay relevant to all of my listeners in the areas I broadcast to.  First and foremost, big national stories or sports stories can be a good way to stay relevant to the audience and in some cases, I have recorded special pieces of local audio just for one station to play out so that it can be covered and not interrupt the network.

–  Out of all the people you’ve interviewed in your career, who were you most excited about talking to?

Vanessa Amorosi was my first ever interview in Goulburn so as you can imagine that was an exciting time. There are so many! Colin Hay from Men at work had amazing stories and speaking to the artists you are a big fan of yourself gives you a real buzz especially if they are great people. It’s going to be hard to pick just one as I still get excited today with a lot of the people I get to talk to.

–  What was the last concert you went to?

Eurogliders at the SS&A here in Albury. They were fantastic and it was a free show too….as Charlie Sheen would say WINNING! This year I have also seen “The Boss” and Guns ‘n Roses in Melbourne, so it’s been a big year for concerts already!

–  Looking at your peers, who would be your favourite radio presenter and why?

While I was growing up Ugly Phil O’Neil and Barry Bissell where my idols. I remember going to bed with my walkman and listening to the Hot 30 even when mum had told me lights out! No wonder I was always tired at school (haha). It was also very rare that I would miss Take 40 Australia on a Sunday.

Simon Diaz from Smooth FM was a fantastic inspiration and had plenty of time for me when I interviewed him for a radio documentary at Holmesglen.  He is another person who is a big believer in learning the radio craft in a regional market. He’s a great operator and fantastic on air.

Troy Ellis from Gold was another top bloke who had plenty of time for me even before I got started in radio. He is one of the best anchors out there.

Ty Frost – he’s a great talent who was fantastic with his advice and feedback. He has so much passion for the music he plays.

Then there’s Dangerous Dave at Triple M in Melbourne.  He’s an inspiration, an amazing music jock and someone who lives and breathes radio and the Triple M band.

And also Tim Blackwell at Nova is outstanding when it comes to nailing the craft!

–  On a more personal note, what would your average Saturday night include?

I do enjoy a social night out with friend’s, dinner and a few drinks, but sometimes I have a quiet night in if it’s been a busy week (must be a sign I’m getting old).

–  If you weren’t working in radio, what would you most likely be doing now?

That’s a very hard question and one I honestly haven’t given much thought to as I love radio so much. I’d say it would be a job that involved music in some way or maybe something to do with IT or marketing (talk about generalizing!)

–  Thanks for your time, Guy…just one final question – how on earth is your surname pronounced?

Hahaha, everyone in the office always laughs when I have to pronounce my name to someone on the phone. It’s Mylecharane (pronounced: My Le Ca Rain).  I think that’s why mum gave me a short first name.  My nickname was Guy My at school and I used that on air during my community radio days and my time in Goulburn and Jindabyne.  I have also used the name Guy Smiley before. (Guy Dobson at SCA has come up with a name for me as well so I have plenty of options).

I mainly just stick with the classic name Guy…kinda fitting seeing I am broadcasting to the Classic Hits network.  I don’t think Mylecharane has ever actually been mentioned on the radio during my whole time in radio, but hey never say never!

Note from Guy:  If any newcomers to the industry would like to get in touch, you can send him an email [email protected] – he’s happy to help you out!

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22 Mar 2017 - 3:06 am

Guy is a truly lovely person, works and plays hard, and deserves all his success!

ps. really glad he’s wearing headphones in the picture, otherwise I wouldn’t have known this was an article about radio :p

Josh Olek
22 Mar 2017 - 3:06 am

Guy My, one of regional radio’s very finest. An absolute legend and one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

I’m glad to hear everything’s going so well champ!

Tammy Sloan
24 Mar 2017 - 9:09 am

Absolute dead set legend and all-round nice Guy (see what I did there? Bet you’ve never heard that before mr mylecharane!). Love working with him! Ps. Thanks for the pronunciation, the brekky crew now owe me $20!

Mike Welsh
28 Mar 2017 - 8:22 pm

Guy is so positive. And I’ve never seen an ACRA Winner get so excited to win one as Guy did in 2013. He deserves much success


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