“You’re not entitled to anything, work for it”: Scott Menz on new MD role at Triple M Brisbane

Former Assistant Editor

After spending the last few years as EP for top rating Breakfast show The Big Breakfast with Marto, Robin and The Moonman, Scott Menz is set to take on a new role next year at Triple M Brisbane.

In 2019 he’ll become the station’s new music director, as well as retaining his current duties as assistant content director.

Scott is no stranger to the music side of radio, having previously worked as assistant music director for Nova 100, content/music director at Central Coast’s Star 104.3

“Scott works brilliantly with all personality types both on and off the air and enjoys a deep respect from all his team members,” said Triple M Brisbane CD Rex Morris.

“He has been an integral part of the recent record-breaking success [on Breakfast], and so this promotion is richly deserved.”

Radio Today caught up with Scott before he finishes up on The Big Breakfast at the end of the year.

How did you get started in radio?

I spent my teen years as a wannabe jock on my local community station (including a few years with my high school buddy Tim Lee spinning Hit Machine CDs), then hit the trail at 18 to get my start at 3HA, Hamilton. 17 years and 11 stations later, still playing Nickelback.

What do you love about your job?

The people. When you start your day at 3:30am the team and attitudes are crucial to getting through the year. My team feed me energy.

I also love that I’m doing what I wanted to do as a kid.

Marto, Robin & The Moonman have just gone #1 in the ratings. What are they doing really well at the moment?

A few things… It’s a sum of all parts. But most importantly they’ve got a real chemistry. Triple M listeners can smell BS a mile off, so it’s important we’re not faking fun. These guys genuinely make each other laugh. We’ve got some great leadership around this show (Rex [Morris] is an outstanding CD), a solid strategy, a superstar anchor who drives the bus (Brendan Annakin). Combine that with chemistry and craft (Marto = 20 years’ experience, Robin = 30 years, Moonman = 30 years on stage).

Tell us about your previous experience as an MD?

I learnt music working under Estelle Patterson as AMD at Nova 100 about a decade ago — she knew Selector so well, DCS support probably asked her for advice. She taught me a lot about music strategy, clocks, programming a format that at the time broke all the rules. We’d be slapped on the knuckles for auto scheduling. It was a great time to be there.

Since then I’ve worked on Hit and Triple M formats, but the biggest challenge is ahead with this new role.

What are the core facets of a successful station music strategy?

Understand your target, understand your station’s environment, use your research and your gut.

What are you looking forward to most in your new role?

Learning from some gun MDs around the network (shout out to Irene Hulme, Jacqui Kassulke and Ben Wood).

Who has inspired you along the way?

I’ve had some good luck having great leaders along the way – the people who have a great balance of crazy and clever have been the most inspiring.

Todd Campbell is brilliant, Wade Kingsley is brilliant and supportive. Arden Hanley was a great mentor when I was back in the production booth years ago.

The common thread is they all have a great instinctual feel for what they do.

If you weren’t in radio what would you be doing?

Watching Season 6 of House of Cards.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Your career is a marathon, not a sprint (thanks to Jason Staveley who gave me that advice in 2005.)

What I took from that is — It’s easy to think you’re not getting where you want fast enough — but it’s an endurance race. Take it day by day and nail the basics first.  I had to learn this the hard way and I’m glad I did.

Describe working in radio in three words.

Not saving lives. (ie: work hard, but enjoy it).

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