Teens Switch Off Radio!

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Radio is losing the battle with teen listeners. A recent US study has showed that only 16% of teens listen to radio.

Pandora was actually higher than radio for the first time at 18% and MP3’s including iPod, iTunes and downloaded music was 42%.



The study conducted by Piper Jaffray asked the question “What percentage of their time was spent listening to music“.

Other streaming services like Spotify etc came in at 13%. CD’s were only 6% and Sallelite radio provider SiriusXM was 5%.

Its important to note that the question was specifically about time spent listening to music, so doesn't take into account radio station Breakfast, Drive and Night shows.

Still it’s not great news to see Pandora ahead of radio in this category. And the worse news is that radio’s 16% is down from 21% only six months earlier.

The more talent, shows, promotions and features you have besides music, the more essential and vital you shall remain.

It’s also worth noting that the trends on Pandora, like the radio trends, are not too positive: Pandora listening declined from 26% to 18% in six months, while “other streaming radio” increased slightly over time. The research was based on a sample of 7,200 teens with an average age of 16.0. years.

As has always been the case, teens are a volatile and moving target.



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