Sydney Siege Cameraman Greg Parker on the Grill Team

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Channel 7 cameraman Greg Parker was the only one allowed to stay within the lockout zone of the Sydney Siege, helping the police with their operation.

“Are you happy to stay, we want you to play spotter for us”, said Greg.  “The snipper and I had eyes on him for 16 hours.”

On the Triple M Grill Team this morning Greg joined Mark, Gus and Matty to tell his story as it unfolded, which you can hear below.

Gus Worland asked him: “Are you doing ok?”

“It’s still really fresh and it hurts to go through it. I think of Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson’s families’ non stop. 17 hours of watching people being tortured and having a gun to their head is going to hurt anyone.”, said Greg. cameraman.mp3

It's an event that will be etched in Australian history and on Channel Seven with Sunday Night, Greg with other Sydney Siege hostages will talk more about the event with Inside The Sydney Siege, The Untold Story.

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