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A big day around the country with Survey 7 released this morning.

While 2GB again dominates Sydney, we see a new Number #1 FM with KIIS1065 taking the crown.  In Melbourne 3AW are on top, whilst FOX FM has a clear lead in the FM battle, increasing their margin.

Brisbane sees 97.3 increase its lead and dominate. Same story for ARN in Adelaide Mix102.3 and in Perth Mix 94.5 leads once more

But who dominates Drive? 

First, check the summary pages below:

Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide Perth


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As most of the FM players push the reset button on their breakfast teams for 2016, we still Melbourne dominated by 3AW. Overall the market hasn’t move too much but SCA would happy to see FOX increase its share to be clear of other in Survey #7.



  • Fox had a small increase, they’ll take that to be over a full point clear of Gold FM – Fox a 9.4 over Gold an 8.3.
  • Took a bit of hit in 18-24’s but sweet in 25-39’s up over 2 points.
  • Dayparts are flat with H&A taking a very small dip in their hometown but still way clear of anyone else.
  • Post footy for Triple M a 7.5, and not recovering the ground lost in survey #6.
  • 40-54’s down again for Triple M but 25-39’s are looking good but what about the Males?
  • Triple M’s Breakfast is up a touch and leads by a mile ahead of any other FM player.
  • All other dayparts are up except nights.


Kate Tim & MartyNE

  • Over in Richmond, Nova Entertainment have another good result, smooth up to an 8.4 and Nova100 up a touch as well.
  • Breakfast for Nova flat with a a couple small nudges up in other dayparts.
  • Nova down in younger end, up in 25 to 39’s
  • smooth fm stronger and #3 in FM overall, with good increases in 40-54’s




  • Brig & LehmoKIIS Melbourne flat and no recovery from the smashing they got last book and last placed Commercial FM.
  • Afternoon up, Breakfast down and other shift small movement neg and pos.
  • Demo wise nothing too exciting going on – increase in 10-17’s but the rest relatively flat.
  • On sister-station Gold, the station has gained a little. 40-54’s still their problem child with smooth picking up close to 3 points in that demo this round.
  • All said and done, Gold remains in a strong position as #2 FM but smooth closing in
  • The big daypart challenge for GoldFM is Breakfast, which has slipped by 0.4 to again be some way behind station average, no doubt this will be a focus for ARN to improve.



  • A good day for 3AW  – while the big jump we saw last round – they will take the small increase. They are still number 1 by a mile in the city.
  • A drop on 40-54 by 2.6 points.
  • The bulk of the dayparts are great. Neil Mitchell has seen still leads and is a dominant #1 in the daypart ahead of the ABC.
  • For Magic, largely flat.
  • Demos for 55-64’s up  and dayparts didn’t move much, and Magic is sitting on a 3.8 share overall.


Pacific Star

  • For SEN a flat result – little or no change in the demos or dayparts – an even share again for survey #7.



  • ABC 774 down this round and the distance between it and arch-nemesis 3AW.
  • 774 virtually held on to the increases they made in 55-64’s but the gains made in breakfast last round has faulted a little.
  • triplej declined a touch overall to 5.2%, driven by 18-39 decline again.



Sydney has a new #1 FM station with KIIS 1065 taking the lead off smooth fm after two books. But it is 2GB that still dominates the city.



  • While Nova Entertainment lost the #1 FM mantle for smooth fm to ARN, they did have a good result for stablemate Nova969.
  • They are place half a point behind kIIS 1065. That said plenty of performing stations are all around a similar benchmark of around 7’s.
  • While most dayparts were flat for Nova, they had a ripper result in drive. Kate, Tim & Marty own Sydney. Mornings, Arvo and Nights also up.
  • NE got a nice shot in the arm for 25-39’s for Nova as well.
  • NE would be disappointed with smooth’s result – losing almost a full point. They lost ground in the demos 25-54 – ouch.
  • No doubt they will also be looking at the workday with drops in all dayparts.


Gordie from KIIS 1065ARN

  • ARN’s North Ryde HQ will be party central today – with a powerful 1, 2 sales combo. Kiis Number 1 FM and WS FM number #2.
  • The Sydney market is a tight one though, and for WS FM former number 1 smooth ain’t too far behind them.
  • WS FM has seen some good growth in their demo heartland – 40-54’s and a bonus of 55-64’s up as well.
  • Breakfast, Mornings and Arvo’s are up but Drive took a hit this round, as did Nights.
  • Over to KIIS 1065,  Kyle & Jackie take the lead in breakfast an 8.9, away from WS FM.
  • KIIS has increases across the day and ARN would be bloody happy with Hughesy & Kates result in Drive. Up to 9.1 and now 1.5 points behind Kate, Tim & Marty.



  • Not the best day in Sydney for SCA. 2Day has a new breakfast and content team in play now for the last round of 2015 and Triple M is flat this book.
  • 2Day down to a 3.5 share overall, demos are flat.
  • Hamish & Andy couldn’t help either as they took a 1.2 hit in Drive. 2Day is pulling 3’s and under in most shifts.  As Rove & Sam settle in, SCA would be hoping to see some increases as 2016 ticks over.
  • Triple M is flat this book, a 6.0 share.
  • Small increase in 25-39’s but a hit in 40-54’s
  • The Grill Team in down a bit this round and while small increase in Mornings and Arvo’s, Drive took a 1.3 point hit.



  • 2GB is down again this round – losing .8 to pull an even 12. While they are mile in front the ABC had a nice increase this book but a 1.7 gap is big.
  • Alan Jones on 2GB fell by 2 points last round and you can add another 1.3 for survey #7. Plenty of fat still there and he has clear lead in the market.
  • Both 2UE and 2CH are flat.


Richard GloverABC

  • A bloody good day for the ABC in Sydney.
  • 702 has had another ripper round. Up another 1.4 points to take them to a 10.4 slice.
  • The result continued into the dayparts – everyone is up with breakfast increasing by 1.7 points to a 12. That makes them Number 2 in the market and 1.8 behind 2GB.
  • triplej has moved up a touch.
  • Increase in 10 to 17’s helped the cause and after a monster result in 18 to 24’s last round, that’s come back a little but they own anyone 18 to 24 still.
  • Breakfast and Drive are up – the rest down a little.




97.3 continues to dominate Brisbane, increasing their lead again this round but who is gaining ground?


Daniel ThomasARN:

  • Another stellar run for Barry Drinkwater CD for 97.3 in Brisbane, increasing their market share by 1.3 points to hold a 13.8.
  • While taking a hit in 25-39’s, they had increases in 40-54’s and 55-64’s. Even 10-17’s took a big leap.
  • In Breakfast while they increased their market, it wasn’t enough to take out Spencer on 612ABC.  97.3 a healthy 13.1 to be the number one commercial player, over two points clear of Nova.
  • Stablemate 4KQ lost ground this book. While KQ Breakfast was flat, other Dayparts were down a little.



  • Another ripper result for hit105, up a full 1.1 points this book, although they are almost 3 points behind market leader 97.3.
  • While Stav & Abby are flat, Hamish & Andy are up a full point and take the lead from Hughesy & Kate.
  • hit105 is up with the demos 18 to 39.
  • Meanwhile over a Triple M, they sliced off 1.2 points to be back to single digits – a 9.1 for Survey #7.
  • All shifts are down across the day – taking back the ground made last round.



  • For Nova 106.9 up a bit but not recovering the ground lost in survey #6.
  • Breakfast took a another hit but not as bad as last times 2 points – down .7  but still enough to make them third in the market overall.
  • While Breakfast is down, all other dayparts are up – some better than others. Kate, Tim & Marty while up are still third in Brisbane.



  • Not the best round for 4BC. What small gains they made last book have been taken away, a 5.3 share is in play.
  • Demo’s 40 plus are down and up a tab in 25 to 39’s but not enough to make any impact overall.
  • In Breakfast – Alan Jones remained flat, Ray Hadley down over 1.2 points and in Drive results gained last time have evaporated, now back to 3.8 share.
  • Over to Magic882, down to 4.2 share off 4.7 last round. Most dayparts are down with Breakfast flat.
  • Survey #8 and into 2016 will see the Networked version of Magic in play out of Melbourne.


Spenser HowsonABC:

  • 612 ABC is one of the standouts in the network. Up a full 1.2 points and Spencer Howson blitzes it.
  • A 14 share is Survey #6 was great, how about a 15.5 for this round – yeah sure.
  • For triple j a mixed bag. Down a touch ten plus again, some demo’s up, some down. Similar story with dayparts. It has  not recovered from the slump last round in Brisbane.



Adelaide still see’s MIX102.3  hold the high ground.


Amos & CatSCA

  • hit107 while flat is consolidate some keys demos. Nearly a five point increase in 18 to 24’s and 25 to 39’s are also up. Meaning they still own the 18 to 39 demo ahead of rival Nova.
  • Four months down the road, hit107’s new breakfast team lost a bit of ground this round. Other dayparts were up a tad . Hamish & Andy are up and closer to Nova but still miles away from impacting Hughesy & Kate on Mix.
  • For Triple M and increase of .3, takes them to 9.1 just ahead of hit107. While breakfast is flat other dayparts are up except nights.



  • While down half a point still another strong result for Mix102.3 with a 14.7 share. Mix again dominates 40-64, and is competitive 25-39.
  • This round see’s MIX level pegging with the ABC in Breakfast but against Commercial stations there is a huge gap still. Drive, while down Hughesy & Kate lead the market.
  • Cruise us up half a point to a 8.7 but not enough to pull it out of being the lowest ranked commercial position.



  • Another result where Nova has gone down, though not as bad a survey #6. They have again lost ground in 18 to 39’s
  • Breakfast is up by small margin but the rest of the workday is down for Nova. No doubt Paul Jackson will be working with the team to bring it home for the final book of 2015.
  • Not the best result for FIVEaa, a 1.6 pint drop to 9.9. They have lost ground in any demo past age 40.
  • Every daypart is also down for this round.



  • triple j is flat but ABC891 is up to a 10.3, overtaking FIVEaa and into second position overall.
  • Every ABC shift is up but Nights, which took another hit this round.
  • For triple j most dayparts were stable but Drive lost 1.5 points and Nights gained the same amount.



And finally to the west, where Mix94.5 not only maintains their lead, but increases it.



  • Not good news for the recently re-branded 96FM. They lost 1.4 points to take them down to an 8 share – ouch. Not the result they would be gunning for. While all the adult demos are down for 96FM, the reverse is the case for Mix94.5
  • The downward trend continues with all dayparts taking a hit – breakfast the biggest losing 2 points to a 6.9 share for the new team.
  • Still lots of work to do on 96FM for ARN.



  • Perth has one up and one down. Mix94.5 maintains their dominance in the market, up almost a full point to 15.2.
  • For hit92.9 the massive gains last book have dropped back and so has there run of double figures – now a 9.7.
  • While the 10 plus share is down, the demos are where they shine. Whilst they are not #1 18-39 overall (that honour stays with triplej) they have jumped over Nova Perth and take the Commercial honour.
  • And for Mix, up.
  • Take your pick of any demo and they are up. They lead 25 to 54’s. Dayparts are all good overall.



  • Nova clearly holds second spot in Perth with an 11.9.
  • Breakfast #1, Drive #1 (just), Nights #1 (FM) finishes off the picture. 
  • Capital




  • 6IX is up a touch overall, and sits in last place in the commercial market.
  • A nice increase in 40-54’s for the station and Afternoons, Drive and Nights up.



  • A stable result for 6PR in Perth – up to an 8.7 from an 8.4.
  • 40-64’s demos are up so they would be happy with that. Not a lot of action with early dayparts but Drive and Nights had some good increases.



  • triple j really is very strong in Perth, always has been.
  • Sitting on a 11.2 this book, and again #1 18-39, it’s got some serious clout in the Perth market.
  • ABC720 was flat and hasn’t recovered ground they lost last book – an even 9 share is their deal.





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