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Survey #7 is in. 2GB maintains its dominance in Sydney, now 100 wins in a row. smooth is again #2 10+ and still owns the #1 FM podium, but it was KIIS1065 that surged over a point to be just .7 behind smooth.

In Melbourne, 3AW the clear number 1, Fox has taken off well clear of any other FM and #2 overall.

In Brisbane static result for the top three FM players – Nova1069 is still in front of  97.3, who had a flat result. Hit105 also flat, while Triple M again fourth but losing share. 4KQ again nipping at Triple M – just point 2 in it for the AM to take it out.

Mix1023 in Adelaide is still #1 but lost nearly two points. The ABC claims second spot, Nova third but the one to watch is hit107, now third in the FM market and fourth overall.

And Perth Mix94.5 is number 1 and increase their lead. And hit929 now breaks ahead of  Nova.

Ahead of our analysis, check the summary pages below:


Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide Perth



First to one of the two big dogs and we look at Sydney:

  • On a 10+ basis the two winners are 2GB overall, and again smooth on the FM band.
  • Whilst smooth fell ever so slightly, the station remains a strong #1 on 9.7%, however a big jump from KIIS puts it well within striking distance for next time. KIIS moves up 1.3 to 9.1% overall.
  • Both Nova and 2Day saw a 0.3 increase, with the workday driving both results – the under pressure 2Day Breakfast show was off a touch to 4.2%, well behind KIIS, smooth, WS and Nova, and a point off Triple M.
  • Triple M was flat overall, and WS copped a whack falling to 6.9, behind Nova.
  • In the dayparts and demos on the FM band there were some big movements:
  • KIIS again dominates Breakfast on 10.8 with a big jump of 2 points, #2 FM Brekky is WS on a 7 share. The KIIS dayparts all saw growth.
  • Nova have won 25-39 (just), but will be a strong #1 18-39 on todays result. In fact NE have clean swept 25-39 with Nova #1 and smooth #2.
  • The WS result was impacted heavily by a correction 18-24, which in reality was them falling to expected 18-24 levels, after a recent spike. Of more concern for WS will be the weakening 40-54.
  • triple j off a touch, with 25-39’s the main damage.
  • On the  AM band  nice jump for the perennially for sale 2CH, first in a while, and 2UE have seen a fall of half a point under their new format with all dayparts copping a whack.
  • 2GB off a touch, but still dominant, driven by 55+ audiences.
  • A tough result for ABC 702 falling by a point to a 9 share, all dayparts seeing a decline.



To the other ‘big dog’, the Melbourne market, which is always intriguing:

  • The big winner in Melbourne is Fox FM which is #1 FM by a mile on a 10.1 share – up 1.5%.
  • Fox absolutely monsters 18-39 in Melbourne, with increases in all dayparts, particularly daytimes and drive.
  • Still on the FM band; small increases from KIIS, Triple M and JJJ, with small declines for smooth and Nova…but it’s Fox first and daylight second.
  • On FM Breakfast, Triple M have taken the chocolates with a solid increase to move to 9.9 and a clear #1. Fox in #2 on 8.5%, KIIS was flat, Gold, Nova and smooth were all down in Breakfast.
  • But on overall FM rankings there are really 3 groups. Fox in the lead, then back to a cluster of Gold, smooth and Triple M, then trailing the pack Nova, KIIS and triple j.
  • On the AM band, 3AW fell a touch, but still dominate.
  • ABC 774 off a little, on a 9.5, but well behind 3AW.
  • SEN in the back end of footy season have held up okay on a credible 4.6 overall share.
  • Magic have fallen to a 2.0 overall, so a poor result for that station.
  • 3MP/Classic Rock Radio are not in the survey.


Let’s head north to Brisy now where there have been a lot of flat results, and just a couple of big movers.

  • Nova remain #1 overall, despite a small dip, but 13.5% overall and #1 is a pretty decent report card any day of the week, so it will be smiles all round at Tennerife; and despite pressure from Hit 105, Nova have held 18-39 healthily.
  • 97.3 flat on 12.2, despite a 0.9 decline in Breakfast, and a strong #2 overall.
  • Hit 105, also flatt-ish on 10.8, falling a little in the key demos, yet seeing some solid workday growth. 
  • A bad result for Triple M, off by nearly a point, with the damage done at the top end of the demos – 40-54 down 1.5. Most dayparts copped a whack for Triple M, with Breakfast particularly hard, falling to an 8 share – and in second last commercial place (Magic in last).
  • triple J down overall, with a savaging from the under 40 demos.
  • On the AM band, Macquarie might well be saying ‘haters gonna hate’ as 4BC goes from strength to strength with it’s largely networked show structure. Up a point overall, although all in the 65+ demo, Breakfast up 2 points, Mornings up, and Drive up. 
  • 4KQ is solid as a rock. An 8.5 share on the AM band playing music is pretty impressive. Breakfast had a ripper, jumping up 1.4, although daytimes fell….imagine what 4KQ could do on the FM band?
  • Magic is flat overall, with no major movement.
  • ABC up a touch overall, although it’s all about Breakfast for ABC 612, beyond that the dayparts are well back in the pack…but Breakfast is very strong.



To the city of churches, and some decent movements in Adelaide this time:

  • Mix have had  big fall, nearly 2 points, to now be 14.0% but still #1 by nearly 3 points…so hardly anything to be worried about. That said, falls in every demo, and every daypart, will no doubt be worth a post-survey meeting to have a look into.
  • Nova are flat on 11.3, so a creditable #2 FM, but will be watchful of a surging Hit107.
  • Hit107 have had a strong survey, up 1.3 overall to 10.4%, and #1 18-39 – the result driven by daytimes and drive.
  • Triple M are flat on 9.7, up a bit, down a bit, in various demos and dayparts – but overall flat.
  • strong increase for triple j – up a point to 6.1, big increases in all dayparts.
  • On the AM band, a new #1, with ABC891 jumping ahead of FIVEaa to move to 11.4% overall, and FIVEaa declining a little to 10.1. The ABC growth is heavily bookend driven with Breakfast and Drive performing very well.
  • Cruise, much like 4KQ, has done well again. On an 8.6 overall, with a heavy 55+ profile as you’d expect, and the share driven by workday listening and probably by TSL off a low cume.




To the west:

  • A big day for Mix 94.5, a strong increase and now #1 by over 5 points…that’s a pretty enormous achievement, and one that should be acknowledged with numerous wines and beers in Perth….which we’re sure it will.
  • And for SCA, the ratings of Mix are matched by them achieving the #1 and #2 whammy – Hit 92.9 moves into the #2 position overall on an 11.6% share – Hit is #1 18-39, and a massive jump of 3 points 25-39 drove the increase.
  • Nova only fell slightly, but it was enough to slip into the #3 position, fell in all under 40 demos – with the 10-24 damage particularly tough for Nova. Breakfast remains #2, just, and is under pressure from Hit 92.9 and ABC 720 who are both narrowly behind.
  • For 96FM the news just gets worse. Down a point to 7.4%, all the demos that matter are off, and all dayparts are down. The Hughesy & Kate drive show has half the audience of Hit, Nova and triple J, and a third of the Mix audience. Not a fun day for ARN in Perth.
  • On the AM band, a steady ABC720 result, up a touch, a strong (comparatively) 6PR result moving up a point to 7.6%, with 6IX flat on a 5-share.

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