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Survey #6 has just been released by GfK, with some big results around the country. 

The leading stations are 2GB in Sydney, 97.3 Brisbane, Mix Adelaide, an equal result for Nova and Mix Perth and 3AW stays number 1 in Melbourne.

And whilst there are some strong results around the country, there are a couple of shockers that will be talking points.

See the full figures below:

Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide Perth


Analysis below updated through the morning;



ARN have held #1 and #2 on the FM band in Sydney today, with WS the star of their two stations. 

  • WS held #1 overall (FM) with a 9.5% share, with Jonesy & Amanda jagging the #1 Breakfast spot back by a whisker from Kyle & Jackie who declined by 0.7.
  • It is a very strong book for WS with the station likely to be #1 25-54 in it's own right following a big rise 40-54, and a pretty solid set of workday numbers; Jason Staveley in afternoons the leading FM show by a country mile.
  • Sister station KIIS has had a soft book, however remains in #2 FM position overall on 7.8%.
  • Whilst Kyle & Jackie fell in Breakfast, the bigger issue for KIIS seems to be generating workday TSL, with the 9-4 zone softening.
  • KIIS was flat in their core of 25-39, but got hammered in the other demos.



A mixed result in Sydney for NE with both stations softening, but some good Breakast news for 96.9.

  • After 3 surveys of falling ratings Nova will be relieved to see Breakfast jump today, and it was a good jump. Fitzy & Wippa up by nearly a point to be 3rd overall on the FM band, miles ahead of CHR opponent 2Day, although still with ground to make up on KIIS.
  • However, Nova overall fell marginally with slightly softer workday figures, and drive taking a hit of 1.1%.
  • Smooth has also softened by half a point, with the station coming off in all dayparts (aside from drive).
  • The station jumped by 2.2% in it's strongest demo of 55-64 to be #3 behind 702 and 2GB.



It would be a brave person to bet that the 2Day Breakfast show can survive following this result, the question appears to be when will  they pull the trigger.

  • 2Day overall is down marginally, however Breakfast has fallen by 0.3% to a 3.3.
  • That show is now nearly 2 points behind it's nearest commercial rival (2UE) and doesn't appear to be gaining any traction in the market.
  • Overall for 2Day, outside of Breakfast, there is not much good news. Down almost everywhere, demos going nowhere, and dayparts flattish or down.
  • Triple M has improved slightly, and SCA would be pleased to see the 25-39's starting to rebuild.
  • The driver for the Triple M growth was daytime, presumably TSL, Breakfast and Drive were flat.



  • A pretty reasonable result for Macquarie with 2GB #1 again overall with a very strong performance in its key demos – although 65+ fell; and all shifts aside from drive showing improvements.
  • 2CH had a good jump to lead 2Day by 1% overall, driven by a big increase 65+.
  • Aside from evenings, all dayparts on 2CH improved.



Well what have we here. After years of pain, 2UE have strung a couple of good books together.

  • 2UE jumped by 1.1% to a 5.7%, ahead of 2Day, Triple M , 2CH and not far behind Nova.
  • All the 40+ demos improved, with 55+ particularly strong.
  • The growth has been driven largely out of Breakfast with that lead-in showing a good jump for Mornings.
  • So whilst 2UE isn't where Fairfax will want it yet, they'll be quietly celebrating this result



  • Triple J was flat overall with no daypart movement of note, and a decline in teens offset by improvement 18-39.
  • ABC702 was also flat, with most dayparts falling marginally, and the demos jumping around. 
  • So a flattish survey for both ABC stations, however ABC702 remain in #2 overall spot, and Triple J a touch behind Triple M, but ahead of 2Day.




A tale of two stations in Melbourne for ARN, with one not bad, and one soft.

  • Gold FM, whilst not extraordinary, is certainly consistent. The station is 0.2% of #1 overall, just behind Fox, and has not had any major improvements anywhere, rather incremental growth overall.
  • The two downsides of the result for Gold FM would be falling behind Triple 40-54; this demo is Gold heartland and they will want that #1 ranking back; and Breakfast declining again.
  • Mix has fallen again, and appears to be struggling to be competitive.
  • In a market where both Fox and Nova launched new Breakfast shows in 2014, ARN would have expected more from Mix. Instead, they are the lowest ranked FM station, and with the exception of Gold have the lowest ranked FM Breakfast show.
  • If the rumours are correct about the KIIS change, ARN may be tempted to move sooner rather than later if they have their lineup plans in place.



  • With the carnage at 2Day, SCA must be thanking their lucky stars for Fox FM, which is again the #1 FM station in the market, and is delivering them the #2 FM Breakfast show (behind Triple M), which isn't a bad effort for a 9-month old show.
  • Perhaps most pleasing for SCA from the Fox result will be the development of the workday zone, where the station is developing some traction.
  • Fox FM is the #1 18-39 station in Melbourne in this survey.
  • Triple M was off a little, but still relatively strong; led by a #1 FM Breakfast result again.
  • That said; the workday listening softened, and they copped a whack 25-39 to fall to 4th commercial ranking so it's not all beer and party pies at Triple M today.



  • Nova will be pleased with improvements in BMA, despite drive falling. Overall the station had a good jump of 0.5% to move ahead of Triple M.
  • Nova is ranked #3 FM on 7.3%; however they are only 0.5% off the #1 position held by Fox on 7.8%. 
  • The strongest demo, and the one the lead in, is teens on 26.5%.
  • A flat result for Smooth, down by 0.2% which is within the margins. 
  • What Smooth won't like will be a touch-up 55-64 where they fell by 3%; however that was made up with jumps in all the younger demos.
  • No real daypart movement for Smooth.



  • A softening for 3AW today, although they have held the #1 position overall by a mile.
  • Down in all the demos (except 25-39) and down in most dayparts, they're still killing it, but will want to get back to where they were a few books ago.
  • Magic has done well, up a tad to 5.1%, and around half a point behind Mix. The demos are largely flat, with 55+ jumping nicely, and there is not a lot of daypart movement.
  • Fairfax would be thinking they're a lazy chance to leapfrog Mix next book.


Pacific Star

  • A solid, if unspectacular, book for SEN at the business end of the footy season.
  • Up a touch overall, with 55+ the key drivers.
  • Given the competitive final series, SEN will be hoping S7 gives them a spike.



  • Tough result for ABC774 with all demos down (outside of 55-64); and all dayparts are down, with Breakfast down by 1%.
  • Triple J on the flipside have a strong result, moving into the #1 position 25-39, ahead of Fox.
  • No big daypart movement for Triple J, just some incremental growth.

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