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A big day around the country with Survey 4 released this morning.

Another win in Sydney for 2GB, with WSFM the new #1 FM. In Melbourne 3AW are on top, whilst GoldFM is now #1 FM outright.

Brisbane sees 97.3 in front again, in Adelaide Mix102.3 still leads, and in Perth Mix 94.5 leads.

Our analysis below, and we’d love your impressions on what you’re seeing, and anything you think we’ve overlooked. 

First, check the summary pages below:


Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide Perth


Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and with the #radioratings conversation on twitter.




Well there will be some relief around SCA Sydney today, perhaps not champagne popping just yet, but certainly it’s the best result 2Day have had for some time; and combined with a strong Triple M performance, there will be a few relieved people at World Square.

  • 2Day has improved by 0.8 to a 3.5 overall with the increases all under 40, and evenly spread across BMAD.
  • Whilst the figures have a long way to go, in mornings 2Day are getting within striking range of Nova 96.9, so they’ll have their eye on that as a small early win to aim for.
  • Triple M improved to a 7.9 share overall, and in doing so moves from #4 FM to #2 FM, a whisker behind WSFM who are the new #1 FM station.
  • The growth for Triple M was driven almost entirely 25-39 where the station has moved into a clear #1 position ahead of KIIS and triplej.


Jonesy & AmandaBoth stations have declined for ARN Sydney today, although WSFM has done a Stephen Bradbury, declining, yet taking the #1 FM position.

  • WSFM fell a touch to an 8.2, and is #1 FM.
  • Overall the result was a bit meh – bit down here, bit up there, with the most noticeable result being Jones & Amanda sharing the #1 FM Breakfast position (with a declining KIIS).
  • KIIS has had a poor result, declining by 1.3 overall to a 7.6% share, and dropping into #3 FM ranking – behind WSFM and Triple M.
  • The under 40 performance from KIIS was down everywhere. The station doesn’t win any demo, and the only daypart in which it leads is Breakfast, where it shares the #1 FM position with WS.
  • Big falls everywhere across each daypart for KIIS, with Hughesy & Kate in drive falling heavily and losing the #1 position to Nova.


Not a great result, but not a terrible result, for the Nova Entertainment stations in Sydney; although a small dip for smoothfm would be unwelcome.

  • smoothfm fell 0.4 to a 7.2, ahead of Nova and 2Day overall.
  • Much like WS, there was minimal movement overall, bit here and there, but overall a somewhat flat result, with the exception of drive where the station declined nearly a point.
  • Despite a small decline, smoothfm is overall in pretty good shape.
  • Nova is flat, up 0.1, but basically flat. The biggest increase Nova saw was in 18-24, where the station is #1 commercial station on 17.9.
  • Were it not for the strong performance of Drive, which has moved back into the #1FM position in this survey, Nova would be significantly lower. Daytimes are soft, with 2Day the only FM station whom Nova leads, and Breakfast is up a touch on a 6.3 share, ahead of smooth and 2Day.
  • There’s a lot riding on the continued success of the excellent ‘Kate, Tim and Marty’ Drive show in Sydney for Nova.


Bob RogersThe network with, temporarily, 3 stations in a market has done okay today. 2 up and 1 down.

  • 2GB has improved by nearly a point, and is the clear #1 station overall.
  • The increases were across BMAD, with Alan Jones leading the way with a 2 point jump in Breakfast.
  • 2UE has also improved, up to a 4.8 overall with a big jump 55-64 of 4.1%.
  • And the ‘for sale’ 2CH keeps falling. Down again to a 3.7, and should the trends continue, it will slip beneath 2Day sooner rather than later. 
  • The only positive in the 2CH result is Bob Rogers in mornings who has moved to a 5.2% share, ahead of Nova and 2Day.


Not a bad day for the ABC stations, ABC702 has done well, whilst triplej has fallen a touch.

  • ABC702 is now back in the #2 position overall, moving up 0.6 to 8.6 – the 40-54 and 55-64 demos drove the result, with daytimes and drive leading the charge.
  • triplej down a little overall to 6.3%, but the losses were largely in teens so perhaps not a huge concern. 18-24 saw a big jump and the station is #1 in that demo.
  • The strongest performance for triplej is across the day where it leads Nova and 2Day, and in afternoons KIIS.




A mixed bag for Nova Entertainment in Melbourne today with smoothfm continuing it’s slow and steady rise, but Nova now in last (FM) place in that market.

  • Meshel & Tommysmoothfm was up a touch on a 7.5%, however the declines it saw were largely out of target, with 40-54 the station improved by 1.0% to a 10.4, so not a lot to worry about for smooth really.
  • Strong jumps for smoothfm in the ‘bookends’ with Breakfast and Drive both seeing strong increases. Breakfast on smoothfm with Mike Perso is now equal with the ‘Meshel & Tommy’ show on Nova; both shows equal 5th overall on 5.9%.
  • Whilst Nova 100 was flat overall on 6.3, the result is not great, Nova is now in last FM place overall, with a fair gap developing.
  • Of the stations In the 3-way CHR battle (although KIIS is more Hot AC), Nova is having the most difficult time.
  • The major concern for Nova will be Breakfast, declining to a 5.9 share, and equal last place.


Well what a difference a couple of surveys can make. A big day for ARN in Melbourne, with GoldFM outright #1 FM (by 0.1%), and KIIS adding 1.1 to it’s share to get back in the game.

  • Gold is up by 0.8% with the growth driven 40-64, so more or less in target – at least the bottom end of that.
  • Perhaps of most excitement to ARN will be the increase of 1.7% in the ‘Brig & Lehmo’ Breakfast show. The show has jumped up into #2 FM ranking, behind Triple M.
  • KIIS has done well. It’s been a more challenging ‘birth’ for the Melbourne cousin, but today’s result will be pleasing for ARN. KIIS has jumped 1.1% to 7.3% overall, and whilst still in 5th FM place overall, it is competitive and is 0.4 off being #3.
  • A classic ‘mother-daughter’ pattern in the demo growth with teens and 25-39’s both improving strongly.
  • Whilst a brekky jump of 1.2 will be pleasing, KIIS will be happy with Hughesy & Kate on drive taking the #1 FM spot.


And a big one for SCA in Melbourne, with both Fox and Triple recording big increases.

  • Fox has added 0.8 to move to 7.7% overall; with a strong 18-39 performance.
  • Fox has had a big lift across all dayparts, every daypart improved strongly, and evenings are now a clear #1 FM.
  • Triple M was equal #1 FM last survey, and this time are #2 by 0.1%….just behind Gold.
  • A strong result, Breakfast increasing again to be #1 FM by a big margin, and all other dayparts improving.
  • SCA in Melbourne are in the #2 and #3 FM positions overall.


A soft result for both Fairfax stations, with the mothership 3AW taking a decent hit, although still #1 overall.

  • 3AW is off by 1.6% to a 12.1 share, with all dayparts having a serious haircut.
  • That said, the station remains #1 in Breakfast, Drive, Nights and Weekends….but the trend is down.
  • Magic down a touch to a 3.3, with the 55-64 demo falling heavily.
  • All dayparts fell, perhaps not unsurprising as the station repositions with a new lineup and a tweaked music position thus shedding some of the older listeners.

Kevin BartlettSEN

  • Surprisingly in the middle of the footy season, a softer result for SEN, and the demos were a bit of a mixed bag.
  • Most dayparts fell, aside from mornings with Kevin Bartlett which was flat. 
  • With the footy season hotting up, SEN should see some growth over the next survey or two.


A bit of an off day for the ABC with both stations declining.

  • triplej fell a touch to 6.0%.
  • the demos and dayparts jumped around a bit, but overall the triplej result was flat.
  • ABC774 slipped back to 10.9, still #2 overall. 
  • The figures were influenced by strong falls in virtually all dayparts, aside from 65+ where the station added 3 points at the expense of 3AW.



Brisbane is still about 97.3 but NE has closed the gap a little further.


  • 97.3 holds a 0.8 lead ahead of Nova – 14% – up a little from last round.
  • 18 to 54 they had some small increases, but the heartland for them is 25-54.
  • 97.3 breakfast pulled number 1 again, only just. Nova 106.9 is biting at their heels..
  • All daytime shifts are up. In Drive, while Hughesy & Kate are up, but not quite enough to take the lead from Nova.
  • A strong result for 4KQ – an 8.3% share level pegging with hit105.
  • Some nice increases 40 plus as well
  • All dayparts are up with 4KQ breakfast gaining some ground on share lost in the last couple of rounds. Up .8 to hold a 7.9 share, putting them 5th in the market

Marto & Ed Kavalee (Triple M Brisbane Grill Team)SCA

Both SCA brands had some increases for survey #4. The standout for them is Triple M, again fourth in the market overall.

  • Another jump in 25-39’s for Triple M, puts them second in that demo.
  • They also made gains in 40-54’s and under 24’s
  • Another steady result for breakfast, a 9.3 share. Fourth overall.
  • hit105 up a tad – an 8.3 has them level pegging with 4KQ 10 plus.
  • Some small gains for hit in 25-39’s and 18-24’s – 10-17’s recording the biggest jump for them.
  • Stav & Abby in breakfast down again for second time – 6.8 down from 7.3 last round.


NE would be pretty happy with the ground Nova106.9 has gained, a 0.8 gap between them and leader 97.3.

  • It still places them second in the market – 13.2 versus 14.0.
  • Nova had a nice boost in 10-17’s and 25-39’s, they took a hit 18-24’s. But still lead that demo by a mile.
  • triple j dominance last round in 18-24’s evaporated with Nova now in the lead.
  • Nova are still a clear number 1 in 25 to 39’s overall by a mile.
  • Breakfast for Nova had another ripper result, with just .4 separating them from 97.3. Nova106.9 a 13.3 share
  • They also bookend the day with the number 1 drive show in Brisbane.


The first real round for the all new line-up on 4BC and a flat result.

  • Alan Jones Breakfast lost 1.2 points to pull a 5.2
  • Mornings with Ray Hadley up just a bit up with a 5.9 share.
  • A bit of a seesaw for other shifts – afternoon and drive down, nights up.  
  • For music brand Magic882, a small 0.1 increase 10+.
  • Magic also made ground across the day with Mornings, Afternoons and Drive up. Breakfast down a little.


612 ABC is down a little in this round. While a comfortable 10.0, it places them third overall  still clear of any talk competitor in their space.

  • Spencer gained some ground in breakfast, but not enough to reclaim his crown. That went to 97.3. He will need to leapfrog Nova now as well.
  • All other 612 shift across the day took some hits.
  • For triple j, same result as last round. A 7.8.
  • Up a little in breakfast with Drive steady. Other shifts down a bit.


See overleaf for Perth and Adelaide…

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