Survey #4 Results: Perth has a new #1; Sydney’s new favourite drive show & 97.3FM #1 in breakfast

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Welcome to survey day! It’s a book that won’t be forgotten quickly; a cause for celebration for some, but not everyone.

All the GfK numbers and number one’s below, to bring you up to speed quickly.

Kyle & Jackie O on KIIS 106.5 return to double digits in Sydney, but smoothfm is again the city’s most listened to FM station, behind only 2GB overall. And 2DayFM, off the back of an extensive TV and outdoor campaign for Em & Harley, up .02% in the prime-time shift.

It’s another solid book for NOVA Entertainment. Kate, Tim & Marty are now Sydney’s favourite FM drive show. The trio remains #1 in Brisbane, and in Adelaide too, but Hamish & Andy are edging in.

Perth has a new #1 station, toppling the SCA-owned Hit and Mix. And Brisbane proves that old habits die hard – 97.3FM regains a strong share and returns to lead in breakfast with Bianca, Terry & Bob.

SCA dominates in Melbourne, with Fox FM #1 FM, again leading in breakfast with Fifi, Dave, Fev & Byron. And Triple M’s Hot Breakfast with Eddie, Mick and Darce continues to be the #2 choice at brekkie.

Radio Today will continue its rolling coverage, including The Spin and comments from network content directors in our network-by-network analysis, later today.

SYDNEY: Nova’s Kate, Tim & Marty are now Sydney’s favourite drive show

#1 FM Overall – smoothfm
#1 AM Overall – 2GB
#1 FM Breakfast – KIIS 1065
#1 AM Breakfast – 2GB
#1 FM Drive – Nova
#1 AM Drive – ABC Radio

MELBOURNE: Fox FM remains #1 FM in breakfast, drive and overall

#1 FM Overall – Fox FM
#1 AM Overall – 3AW
#1 FM Breakfast – Fox FM
#1 AM Breakfast – 3AW
#1 FM Drive – Fox FM
#1 AM Drive – 3AW

BRISBANE: ARN-owned 97.3FM back to #1 in breakfast

#1 FM Overall – Nova
#1 AM Overall – ABC Radio
#1 FM Breakfast – 97.3FM
#1 AM Breakfast – ABC Radio
#1 FM Drive – Nova
#1 AM Drive – 4KQ

ADELAIDE: Hit Network’s Hamish & Andy edging closer to #1 in drive

#1 FM Overall – Mix
#1 AM Overall – FIVEaa
#1 FM Breakfast – Mix
#1 AM Breakfast – ABC Radio
#1 FM Drive – Nova
#1 AM Drive – Fiveaa

PERTH: Nova jumps to #1, leaping ahead of the market’s two dominant SCA stations

#1 FM Overall – Nova
#1 AM Overall – ABC Radio
#1 FM Breakfast – Nova
#1 AM Breakfast – ABC Radio
#1 FM Drive – Nova
#1 AM Drive – ABC Radio

Do you have any insights and analysis to contribute? Have you spotted a trend everyone should know about? Share your constructive take on today’s results in the comments below.

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nick bartlett
11 Jul 2017 - 9:37 am

It looks like no one in Melbourne under 55 years of age – no one – nil -nada – likes talking about lifestyle.

11 Jul 2017 - 9:54 am

Talking Lifestyle… the format the sales department had to have.
Now what?

Barry b
11 Jul 2017 - 10:48 am

Nova Adelaide are ducking for cover this morning. How to come up with an excuse to not take PJs call.

11 Jul 2017 - 10:52 am

Kate, Tim and Marty number 1 in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Even worse in Sydney they lag behind Nova, Smooth, KIIS, JJJ, WSFM, and Triple M!

Hamish and Andy must be very disappointed in their farewell year! Even their TV show isn’t winning it’s slot anymore.

11 Jul 2017 - 10:57 am

Not surprising that Brisbane result. Whatever appeal Robin Bailey had on 97.3FM was propped up by a strong music format. Now that she’s on the M’s she barely even features in the content let alone brings anything of her own to the table. I imagine those females that followed her across have gravitated back to 97.3FM.

11 Jul 2017 - 11:34 am

Talking Lifestyle is now not only a disaster in Melbourne and Brisbane but is also a train wreck where it originates from … good old 2UE Sydney.
Bring back Magic 693!

11 Jul 2017 - 1:24 pm

Breakthrough ratings result for 4BC, overtaking 4KQ in the 65+ demo. 4BC’s growth appears to explain 4KQ’s slip and indicates Brisbane listening is starting to resemble 65+ listening as it’s long been in Melbourne and Sydney. That may not be a trend – 4KQ might have that reversed by next survey. It’s one to watch. I can understand that, like 4KQ, Talking Lifestyle is demographically challenged. I also respect its programming is subordinated by its Talk network stablemate. The rationale I’m not convinced of is its “appointment time” scheduling. Even the tiny ratings in Melbourne just enough to show ratings are strongest “outside” these appointment times. The station sounds best in the AM, starting with David Prior. By the PM, the general serendipity of radio listening is suffocated by this inflexible and obviously ineffective approach, which is saying nothing about the quality of the contributors. They should be rigourously chasing some of the ABC audience and more sparingly applying one hour segments to the schedule. Let podcasts be organised by topic, not the actual broadcast schedule.

11 Jul 2017 - 2:12 pm

I would say that SCA and Triple M in Brisbane would be happy with the ratings today. They now have a stronger breakfast show and before Robin joined Triple M breakfast was rating 8% now after only 6 months its rating per 10%. Sound like a win to me.

11 Jul 2017 - 7:46 pm

Apart from Foxfm how can you justify Hamish & Andy’s 4 million dollar pay check. They are only live for 36 weeks this year. Some of us earn $70k and get 4 weeks holiday !

12 Jul 2017 - 9:20 am

I’ve completely stopped listening to mainstream FM radio after 30 years. I can’t stand the talk, sport and unfunny comedy. I am 100% listening to DAB only stations – MMM Greatest Hits, MMM Classic Rock, MMM Modern, Easy Hits, Smooth Digital.
I have no need for FM anymore. The way they’re going they’re killing it with all of these alleged ‘personalities’ and 10 minute blocks of ads. It’s not sustainable.

Damian Anderson
14 Jul 2017 - 8:52 am

Congratulations to Talking Lifestyle in Melbourne with their increase this survey. A big welcome to Bev and Eileen who have joined the listening family.


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