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A big day around the country with Survey 2 released this morning.

Another win in Sydney for 2GB, with KIIS 106.5 #1FM and WS FM #2FM. In Melbourne 3AW are on top, ABC second and there is a new #1 FM in Triple M.

Brisbane sees 97.3 in front with Nova106.9 second, and ABC third. Over to Adelaide Mix102.3 still leads, ABC second with a surging Nova 91.9 third. And in Perth Mix 94.5 leads, 96fm second and Nova93.7 third.

Our analysis below, and we’d love your impressions on what you’re seeing, and anything you think we’ve overlooked. First, check the summary pages below:

Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide Perth


The movements in Sydney are minimal in this book, with the only significant (10+) moves being from 2UE and ABC702, and both in the wrong direction. As usual, the demos and departs provide more useful information. So to the analysis:


  • Dan & MazThe long road for 2Day continues, with the station slipping 0.3 to 3.3% overall, and unhelpfully, the under 24 demo, which you’d expect a relaunched CHR to see as a building block, has fallen slightly.
  • All dayparts have fallen today, although not by much. Breakfast with ‘Dan & Maz’ has dropped a touch to 2.8%, and you would have to expect that it can only improve from there.
  • Triple M is basically flat – down by 0.1, so meaningless statistically.
  • 25-39’s up, 40-54’s down – so the demos don’t really change much, and the dayparts are up and down – all contributing to a flat result overall.
  • Overall for SCA, it’s a kind of ‘nothing’ survey in Sydney. Triple M broadly consistent, and 2Day yet to see the influence, in ratings, of the changes that have been made.


  • A flat day for Nova Entertainment as well, with Nova remaining in #3FM on 7.6%, and smoothfm up a touch to 7.4% and #4FM.
  • For Nova 96.9, 25-39’s off by 1.2, with under 24’s improving.
  • Nova remains the leading 10-17 station; #2 18-24 and #3 25-39.
  • A good jump for Fitzy & Wippa today, nearly a point; Drive is now an outright #1 improving to 11.5%, and Evenings a clear #1.
  • Daytimes are the pressure point for Nova with Mornings and Afternoons falling, and both dayparts now #5 ranked commercial FM, and behind JJJ.
  • A flat result also for smoothfm; with no movements in any direction of any note; although evenings took a hit of 1.9%.
  • smoothfm is equal #FM 55-64 on 10.9% and on an overall basis NE would be pretty comfortable with the smoothfm result.


  • Hughesy & KateA pretty good result for KIIS, up a touch overall, driven by 18-24 growth – where the station is now a clear #1, ironic given it isn’t the target demo. 
  • And whilst KIIS remains #1 25-39, it declined by a point.
  • The dayparts show the story. Kyle & Jackie a dominant FM show with a lead of nearly 2% over WSFM; this lead-in helps KIIS to win Mornings, and be competitive in Afternoons.
  • Hughesy & Kate have grown nearly a point to 10.0%; #2FM in Drive and growing.
  • WSFM has improved a touch overall, and is the #2FM station overall (behind KIIS).
  • The standout demo for WSFM is 40-54 where it is #1 by a significant margin; and it has shared the leading (FM) spot 55-64 with smoothfm.
  • WSFM has again had a strong Breakfast result, and whilst behind KIIS, is well ahead of the other FM stations; this provides a strong lead-in to what is a historically strong workplace listening format, and the daytime figures reflect that again.


Weird one this one; MRN technically have 3 stations in this result given they have permission to be in temporary breach of the ownership regulations. And unfortunately for them, each of the 3 stations have fallen overall.

  • 2GB is the big dog, and whilst it has fallen, it is #1 overall by a mile so hardly any cause for concern.
  • Jones and Hadley are killing it, whilst Evenings have seen a big jump of nearly 3%.
  • Down the hall at the ‘for sale’ 2CH, down a touch, with the core 55+ demos taking a sizeable hit, and most dayparts declining.
  • Whomever acquires the station will have a sizeable task ahead of them to get the station rating again, it is trending down now across an extended period of time.
  • And at 2UE, as if they hadn’t had a tough enough couple of weeks; the survey result will not provide any respite.
  • Down by a point overall; with the core 55+ demos taking a hit; and all dayparts declining.
  • The strongest dayparts remain Breakfast, Drive and Evenings; however Mornings and Afternoons are at a very low ebb for 2UE.


A mixed bag for the ABC with one doing very well, and the other having a soft result.

  • triplej's Matt & Alextriplej has had a strong result, improving to 6.3% overall, now ahead of Triple M and 2Day FM.
  • The station took a signfiicant ‘post hottest100’ hit 18-24, however this was offset by growth in other demos.
  • they also had the pleasant experience of every daypart improving, with the daytime and drive shares particularly strong; across the day triplej leads Triple M, 2Day and Nova.
  • ABC702 however had a less exciting day; falling to it’s lowest overall share in some time – 8.0%.
  • It doesn’t look good to glance at the demos or dayparts; red ink everywhere. Just one of those days for ABC702 that everyone has occasionally.



Melbourne is where the action is today, plenty of big results in today’s survey, with the historical FM tightness continuing.


After a pretty good start to 2015 for ARN in Melbourne, today they’ve come back to earth with both stations declining.

  • KIIS had a good S1, but a 1% fall today is going to hurt. In an admittedly tight market, KIIS has fallen to the last-placed commercial FM station overall on 6.1%.
  • The fall was driven heavily by 18-24’s and 25-39’s; both of whom declined a fair bit.
  • The dayparts are mostly red ink; Breakfast, Mornings and Afternoons all down by over a point; with Hughesy & Kate holding their position stable on 7.9% – the leading daypart on the station, and not a bad achievment given the softening lead-in.
  • So not a great KIIS result at all; but it is S2, so there’ll be tweaks and adjustments, and ARN will reset from here.
  • Gold was largely flat, but signficantly does not win any demo in this survey. They have been leapfrogged Stephen Bradbury style by Triple M 40-54, and a big jump 55-64 sees smoothfm knock off Gold in that demo.
  • Gold’s dayparts are either flat or off, and whilst daytimes and drive are competitive, it is pretty clear that Breakfast is not helping; whilst that daypart improved, it remains stubbornly stuck in the 5’s; well below station average. 

smoothfm's Ty FrostNE

Not a great result at Nova Entertainment either, with both stations declining.

  • Nova has fallen to 6.7%, behind sister-station smoothfm, and now ranked #5 FM.
  • With the exception of Drive, which held flat, every daypart on Nova100 has fallen, with Nights taking the biggest hit of nearly 2%.
  • smoothfm has fallen overall, however the 10+ share was held up by a strong 55-64 performance where they now rank #1 FM on 10.6%.
  • smoothfms daytime shares are strong, ranking #2 FM behind Triple M in Mornings and Afternoons.
  • It is the ‘bookends’ where it softens; in particular Breakfast, however overall smoothfm is equal #2 FM, and only 0.5% off #1 FM.


Well if you’re going to slip from the #1 FM position, you’d prefer it to be your other station that knocks you off. SCA in the complete opposite to Sydney hold the #1 and #2 positions in Melbourne (FM).

  • Triple M might have remained flat on 7.4%, but it was enough with the other guys falling to jag the #1 position.
  • That said, it isn’t all beer and dim sims at the South Melbourne markets for Triple M; with the station falling in the heartland of 25-39’s; and declining in Breakfast and Mornings…..although in fairness, they remain #1 FM in both of those dayparts.
  • Without dismissing the TSL and strong performance of Triple M’s workday; this station is driven out of Breakfast and that show is the dominant FM performer in Melbourne.
  • To Fox, they has slipped by nearly a point overall; yet remain in #2 FM position on 6.9% (equal with smoothfm)…..just a touch ahead of Gold and Nova.
  • All demos on Fox fell, under 24 by a fair bit, and all dayparts fell – with drive hanging on to the #1 FM position – just.
  • So a bittersweet day for SCA; both stations either flat or falling, but remaining in #1 and equal #2 FM position overall.


The newly named Macquarie Radio Network – the old Fairfax Radio Network – has it’s first survey under new owners today in Melbourne, and it’s pretty good.

  • 3AW has monstered the market again, with a massive jump of nearly 2% overall.
  • All dayparts were big movers – with Nights a massive mover. And a 20% share in Breakfast? That’s just ridiculous; but impressive.
  • Magic was flat on 4.4%, doing it’s job, the demos were flattish – at least the ones they care about, and the dayparts were similar. 
  • It will be interesting to see if there is any backlash in S3 to the Magic lineup changes as that flows through to the survey period.

Mark Allen & David Schwarz - SEN's Run HomeSEN

  • Welcome back footy. Is probably what SEN are saying, with a 1.1% jump overall. Strong moves in their core 25-54 area, and the male figures would be even better.
  • All dayparts up, and if there was ever a clearer indication about a football driven result, then we’ve not seen it.



  • A flat result for both ABC stations, both down a little.
  • ABC774 has declined by 0.3% but remains #2 overall with some big daypart declines in Breakfast and Afternoons offset by jumps in Drive and Nights. So a bit of a weird one for ABC 774, but overall they remain in the 10’s so they’d be happy with that.
  • triplej fell a touch, with the only demo movements of note being a massive 18-24 jump, with a big teen fall. As with their AM sister; dayparts all over the place; brekky and mornings up, arvos down a bit, drive and nights down a lot.
  • Overall a flattish ABC result in Melbourne.



Brisbane is all about 97.3 this survey, with NE increasing their share as well. Not the best round for SCA. It was a good last hurrah for the Fairfax crew at 4BC.


  • 97.3/4KQ Program Director Barry DrinkwaterWhile a slight drop for 97.3 they are still killing it in Brisbane. S2 secures a 14.3% share 10 plus.
  • While gaining in 25-39’s, they lost a few 40-54’s. 97.3 had a leap in 10-17’s, while out of their target every little bit helps.
  • 97.3 breakfast down a little but pulling a 13.6, still places them second overall behind the ABC.
  • The standout is Hughesy & Kate, second survey in and they are Number 1 on drive with a 14.2 share.
  • Nights is up a little with all other dayparts losing some ground, but they still dominate.
  • 4KQ had another ripper round,  increasing their share to 8.7%. That places 4KQ now ahead of Triple M and hit105, great effort for the AM brand.
  • 4KQ breakfast lost some of the ground they gained in Survey #1 but it places then ahead of Triple M this round.


  • For SCA not great news out of Brisbane. Both brands taking a hit.
  • hit105 lost the ground it gained in the first book, down 1.1 pulling an 8.2 share.
  • They lost a fair whack of 10-17’s this book, also losing nearly two points in 25-39’s.
  • The ground Stav & Abby in breakfast made last round has gone – an 8.3% down from 9.5 last round. All other shifts for hit105 dropped share.
  • Triple M have copped a hit 10+. Will have to see how they went with the men overall, which is what they will be focused on.  They are down to 7.6 from 8.7 last survey.
  • Triple M took a hit in their heartland of 40-54’s, again losing ground. 25-39’s also lost points.
  • For breakfast on the M’s, they now hold a 7.6 share down 0.4.
  • All other dayparts lost ground and not even Merrick.. and Australia escaped.



  • NE will be happy with the Nova 106.9 result. Up this book with an 11.6 share 10+. It still places them second in the market given ARN has a strong lead with 97.3.
  • Nova had some nice increases in 18-24’s and 25-39’s, with 10-17’s steady.
  • They face competition from triple j for 18-24’s where they are number 1 in that space but Nova are clear number 1 in 25 to 39’s overall.
  • Breakfast for Nova had a ripper increase, up 1.4 points to hold 11.7 of the breakfast pie.
  • Afternoons, drive and nights all up as well. Kate Tim and Marty gained some of the ground they lost in survey one, but they are behind 97.3.

MRN/Fairfax:Former 4BC Breakfast Presenters Ian Skippen & Loretta Ryan

  • The last hurrah for the bulk of the 4BC On-Air team saw the station increase its share 10+.
  • Breakfast had a good increase for 4BC, up 1 point to 6.1%. Even Mornings had a good increase, also up with a 5.4 share from 4.3 last book.
  • All other shifts on the station increased a bit as well.
  • For music brand Magic882, not a great deal of movement, down marginally again this book.
  • Magic lost ground in their key demo’s with Breakfast and Nights were the only shifts to increase their share.


  • 612 ABC held its ground in Brisbane this round. A comfortable 10.7 share, which places them third in the market and way clear of any talk competitor in their space.
  • While Breakfast surged last survey, this round Spencer lost ground but he is still number one with the slightest of margins.
  • Every other shift for 612 is up, with nights and afternoons securing the biggest lift of them all.
  • For tripleJ, they have lost some share again this survey.
  • They still own 18-24’s in Brisbane but lost out with 25-39’s this round.
  • tripleJ breakfast is up this book with some of the other shift losing ground as well.

Perth and Adelaide are outlined on the next page.

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