Survey #2 Released: Results Are In

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Survey #2 is in. 3AW maintains it’s dominance in Melbourne, and Gold is solid at #1, in what was a pretty flat result in Melbourne.

2GB increases its lead in Sydney with the ABC 702 second. For ARN it is a 1, 2 finish with KIIS in front….and a rough day at the office in Sydney for Nova Entertainment.

Brisbane, it is 97.3 all the way as Nova and hit105 battle it out for second and third. Adelaide it’s the ABC, and Perth it is Mix (just).

But first to Melbourne, where we will start our analysis below; check the summary pages below:

Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide Perth


On the FM band in Melbourne it was largely a flat survey on the surface, although the demos showed more variation. On the AM band there were some significant changes, a few highlights – or lowlights depending on your perspective – below from Melbourne.

  • 3AW has had a big result, seeing a jump of 2 points overall, and it’s a solid one, all 40+ demos saw big increases, and all dayparts improved by around 2 points or so each.
  • That came at the expense of 774 who fell by a point overall – breakfast where the real damage was done. However with an election seemingly iminenent, 774 will be excited by what that means for their ratings.
  • For SEN, up a little in the early rounds of the footy season – driven by 55-64, and 25-39. Dayparts largely flat, although the retooled Breakfast show down a touch.
  • SmoothFM has had a big Melbourne result with solid increases almost everywhere, particularly 40-54 and drive.
  • Fox, which copped a whack in S1, has bounced back a little – up a touch, but importantly for them up in Breakfast and #2 FM in that daypart. Hamish & Andy remain #1 FM in Drive.
  • Nova up a little, Breakfast moving slightly, but Drive seeing the strongest jump of 1.1 overall, yet in #4 FM place overall (drive).
  • ARN have made no secret that they need KIIS to fire in Melbourne, and whilst it was up a touch overall it is slow going. A solid improvement 25-39 would be pleasing, as would a half a point jump in Breakfast.
  • Gold is solid. A 9 share overall, #1 FM, and driven from workday listening.
  • And steady as she goes for Triple M, with Breakfast holding #1 FM despite a small drop.


Fairly or unfairly, in Sydney all eyes remain on 2Day FM, and there is good and bad news for the station, along with some big movements around the market.

  • 2Day is up a touch overall (+0.2) yet remains in last FM place, the station improved in Afternoons and Drive with Hamish & Andy improving by 1.1% to move to a 6.6 share. However Breakfast with ‘Rove and Sam’ for the second consecutive survey is flat on a 3.0 share and saw no growth (yet also no decline).
  • KIIS, the nemesis of 2Day, has come back a little which was driven by a correction to the extraordinarily high Breakfast result in S1. ‘Kyle & Jackie O’ came back by a point to 11.3, however remain the dominant FM Breakfast show by over 3 points. The new night show ‘Thinkergirls’ copped a whack, falling by 2 points overall.
  • For Nova Entertainment, Sydney has been a rough one today. Nova is down a point, with 18-24’s and Nights the only positives, all other dayparts and demos saw large declines and Nova has slipped to 5.9% overall, 1.7% ahead of 2Day.
  • The story isn’t much better at SmoothFM in Sydney, with a hit of 1.7 taking the station to a 6.9; all dayparts down, and the key demos down, however with the strong performance of Smooth Melbourne, NE will be disappointed but perhaps not overly concerned.
  • WS has had a great result, up 1.1 overall, a rock solid #2 FM, and Breakfast well ahead of the other FM stations (aside from KIIS). All the BMAD dayparts on WS saw strong increases, with the workday leading the way.
  • 2GB is again #1, with a bigger margin than S1 – #1 station overall by a mile on a 12.1 share.
  • 702 saw a strong increase overall, and with the election about to start, look for a big survey in S3 for the station.


Wow… the power of 97.3 – again number 1 and an increased margin of 2.1 points ahead of Nova 106.9.

  • Ripper increase for 97.3 across B.M.A.D, most up close to 2 points as well. Breakfast a standout result for Robin, Terry & Bob – up 1.9 points to 13.5 but not enough to take out 612 ABC.
  • Nova106.9 up 0.7 to pull a 11.7 for this round. An increase in 25-39’s but not as big as 97.3’s. Breakfast and Drive results were flat but still number 3 in Breakfast in the market and number 2 FM overall. Hamish & Andy take out KTM this round – just. A point or more increase in Mornings and Arvos.
  • What you’re given, is taken away for Triple M – down 1.1 points to a 9.7% 10+. Drops in demos 25-54. Will have to see what the Male figures did. Triple M breakfast also lost the ground gained in book 1, whacked 1.6 points to a 9.6. The pain continued across the day except for Drive – up 1.2 to 10.2 overall for Merrick & Australia.
  • Bang –  up 1.1 to an 11.4 for hit105 in Bris Vegas – now trailing Nova by just 0.3. B.M.A.D.N all up with the best result for Hamish & Andy this year (ok second survey)  – nice win there for the boys by 0.1%, mind you – a 14.6 with Kate, Tim & Marty a 14.5%
  • For 4BC and increase 10 plus and some good news in Breakfast and Drive. Even Arvo’s are up a touch. Ray Hadley a flat result this round.
  • Meanwhile has the “Magic” gone for Magic 882 – another hit and down to 2.3. How low can it go?
  • The reverse is true for 612 ABC – How high can Spencer go? 612 Breakfast owns Brisbane again – up to 14.6  but this time round 97.3 is only trailing by a point.  ABC Mornings, Afternoons and Nights Up – Drive down a touch.
  • triple J got hit – bit of a whack in 18 to 24’s this round saw them drop 1.4 points to an even 7.


Some big movements in Adelaide, on the FM band at least, with plenty of excitement today, with SCA being the happiest with the Adelaide result.

  • In Adelaide there is a new #1 FM, in fact there are two.
  • Triple M has had a massive result in Adelaide to improve by 1.3% overall to move to equal #1 FM with Nova, who slipped back a touch. Both stations are #1 FM on 11.5%. But it’s tight….how tight?
  • Well, Mix 102.3 are 0.1 behind on 11.4%…that’s how tight it is. And a surging hit107 is on 10.9%, up by 0.8%.
  • So in Adelaide the 4 commercial FM stations are all witin 0.6 % of each other… be honest, margin of error would tend to indicate they’re all the same….but very exciting nonetheless.
  • triple j in Adelaide has copped a whack to fall to the 6’s.
  • On the AM band, FiveAA, Cruise and 891 all slipped a touch, however ABC891 remains the #1 station overall in the market on a 12.3% share.


Perth has suddenly tightened up at the top, at least on the FM band…

  • Mix 94.5 has declined by 1.2 % to a 13.8%, with the declines across the board….however Mix remains as Perth’s #1 station overall…just….
  • Because Nova, whilst flat overall, is on a 13.7% share just a whisker behind Mix. The strength of Nova Perth is the bookends, Drive, down a tad, but strong on a 15 share, and Breakfast with Nathan, Nat & Shaun up over a point to a 14-share. #1 FM by a signficant margin.
  • 96 may be starting to rebuild, up half a point, and up in all the demos they care about. Whilst Breakfast was flat, all other dayparts grew. That said, 96FM is well behind the FM pack with a long way to go.
  • hit 92.9 in Perth is off a little overall, with declines in all demos. SCA will be counting on hit92.9 to help keep Nova honest in their desire to have Mix a clear #1, so watch for 92.9 to try an nail the under 30 demos of Nova.
  • Another strong triple j result, in the 10’s and #1 18-39 again….Perth really is a happy hunting ground for triple j.
  • And on the AM band, no big moves, in fact they all fell a little. ABC remains strong, 6PR off a bit, but for 6IX it is now in very dangerous territory….no great demo performance, all dayparts down, they are in last place by a long way….much to do for 6IX.

So across the markets what are you seeing? What jumps out. Where is the good, where is the bad, where are the opportunities. Let us know your thoughts below in the comments.

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