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Each year survey 1 is highly anticipated for many reasons; the time since S8, the traditional changes to stations, the quirks of the summer period; it is always an intriguing survey and often a weird one.

This year, most eyes are on Melbourne which has seen a significant dynamic change on the FM band with the launch of KIIS; and that’s where we start our analysis below; but first, check the summary pages below:

Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide Perth




  • A strong launch for KIIS 101.1, moving up 0.8% to a 7.1 share.
  • Whilst the station is in 5th place overall on the FM band, it has leapfrogged Gold and is a whisker off moving in front of Nova. As always, Melbourne is tight.
  • KIIS moved up in every demo under 40, including a 4% jump 25-39.
  • All dayparts improved; “Matt & Jane” moving up nearly 1% into equal #2 Breakfast with Fox (Triple M leads), “Hughesy & Kate” in drive increased 0.6% into equal #3 ranking, and daytimes moved up nicely.
  • It wasn’t the ‘out of the blocks’ start that KIIS Sydney saw in 2014, but one that will be welcomed at ARN no doubt.
  • On the flip side, Gold has had a rough start to the year, declining 1.1% to be the lowest ranked commercial FM station in Melbourne.
  • The fall was driven by declines in all demos, but a particularly savage fall in Breakfast and daytimes, with all dayparts declining by over 2% (excluding drive).
  • Gold has fallen to second place 40-54, with Triple M holding a commanding lead.


  • Triple M has had a great start to the year. Improving overall by 0.6%, the station is a touch off #1 overall – just behind Fox.
  • The growth was heavily driven 40-54, with small improvements 25-39, and a big fall 18-24.
  • As with last year, the ‘rock’ of Triple M Melbourne is Breakfast with the station a clear #1 FM on 9.3%; this provides a solid lead-in to the workday where the station performs well; #1 FM in Mornings, and #2 FM in Afternoons.
  • Fox took a hit, no doubt in part from the KIIS launch, suffering a loss of nearly a point overall, however the station remains in the #1 FM position (narrowly).
  • Fox declined in most demos, with 25-39 seeing the biggest impact from KIIS. Most dayparts fell, and whilst the falls were consistent, there were no massive declines.
  • Fox has held #1 overall, but as is standard in Melbourne, it is tight: with all 6 commercial FM stations within 0.9% of each other overall. 


  • Nova 100 has fallen slightly this survey, however in the light of the KIIS launch will be pleased to have remained #1 25-39, in fact they increased share slightly in that demo.
  • Breakfast fell a touch on Nova, daytimes were flat, however understandably, it was in Drive where the station took a hit as some listeners gravitated to Hughesy & Kate on KIIS.
  • Nova Drive, whilst still #2 FM, has fallen to 8.7%, behind Fox, and under a point ahead of KIIS.
  • A flat result for smooth91.5, with the station softening a touch overall, but with no significant movements in the demos, although there were some declines in BME of close to 1%.
  • smooth sits on 7.2% overall, in the middle of the crowded FM pack, and no doubt looking to pick up some older females dislodged by the Mix/KIIS change.
  • pictured; smooth91.5 Breakfast Presenter Mike Perso.


  • An excellent result for 3AW, with strong growth 40+, and the daytime dayparts all improving strongly.
  • 3AW Breakfast remains at #1 overall, albeit with a reduced margin, and the station overall is a clear #1.
  • Magic fell, and is the second lowest ranked station in the market. However, the station did improve in target, but it suffered from small declines across the board in the dayparts.

Pacific Star Network

  • Not a great result for SEN, but to be fair it is a station that drives share off the back of AFL, and the summer period is hardly peak time, so they’re unlikely to be overly concerned.
  • Most dayparts down, and most demos fell, however SEN will be buoyed by the footy season being only a week or so away.


  • Good result in Melbourne for the ABC, with both stations registering improvements.
  • 774 moved up 0.7% to hold the #2 ranking overall (10.7%), and notably a 2.9% increase for Red Symons in Breakfast puts the station within 1.5 of Ross & John on 3AW.
  • Triple J might have expected more in the wake of the Hottest 100 controversy this year, however still improved a touch to 5.7% overall.
  • The rise was completely driven by a massive jump 18-24 of 8.5%, which takes the station to #2 behind Fox in that demo. 




  • A reasonable result for Nova, there were no significant movements either way, however there were small improvements across the dayparts, excluding Breakfast and Nights, which both declined in share.
  • The demos were up and down; teens, 25-39 and 40-54 up, with 18-24’s down.
  • Drive remains #1 (equal with 2GB), with the new KIIS drive show making some inroads, but still a fair way behind Nova in the daypart.
  • smoothfm has had a great result, clearly the comments this week about heading to #1 were driven by some strong tracking figures!
  • Overall, the station moved up 0.7% into a 7.3%, well ahead of Triple M and 2Day.
  • Particularly pleasing for smooth would be that the growth was spread across all dayparts, with Breakfast improving by 2.0% to a 6 share; on the downside, the growth in the demos was heavily focused 55-64, rather than in the younger ‘money demos’.
  • Overall however NE would be pleased with the Sydney results.



  • Solid result for KIIS, holding #1 overall on 8.7%, and despite some falls under 24, is now dominating 25-39 with a 4% lead. Sales will love that.
  • The KIIS daytimes dayparts all improved, however Kyle & Jackie fell slightly; but still are the leading FM Breakfast show by a strong margin.
  • WSFM took a hit of 1%, although remains in the #2 FM position (just).
  • Red ink everywhere you look for WS, all dayparts, and all demos declined. Jason Staveley (pictured) on Afternoons held onto the #1 FM spot, despite a small decrease.


  • 2Day has held pretty much where it was at the end of the year, however in fairness, the resetting of Breakfast is never going to bear fruit in one survey; in fact it will probably be well into the back half of 2015 before SCA would expect decent growth. Breakfast just takes time.
  • That said, there were no big movements yet for 2Day; in either dayparts or demos, aside from a jump in teens. Plenty of work ahead, and plenty of patience required, for the 2Day team.
  • Triple M has gone up a touch; however between the two SCA stations they remain the bottom two ranked commercial FM stations in Sydney.
  • Breakfast on Triple M fell, and now ranks behind smoothfm, whilst daytimes improved slightly, despite the lead-in softening.
  • So a tough day for SCA Sydney, but this early in the reset of 2Day, probably not unexpected.



  • 2UE started the year as it finished 2014, with a flatt-ish result of 5.7%. 
  • They will be pleased to have jumped 1.9% 55-64, and to see a small increase 40-54, although the heartland of the station (65+) has declined by 1.8%.
  • Breakfast and Mornings were up nicely, Drive was flat, and Afternoons took a hit. However the worst was at Nights where the audience halved.


Macquarie Radio

  • Well 2GB just keeps delivering. #1 again by an absolute mile.
  • Some ups and downs in the demos, but nothing to worry about; the dayparts are strong. Alan Jones strengthened his lead, jumping 2% to 16.8%, whilst Ray Hadley fell by 2.3% to a 14.2 share. Drive and Nights also increased very strongly.
  • All in all a great result for 2GB.
  • Flat for 2CH. The station trended down for most of last year, and has started the year flat.
  • Given the disruption in Breakfast with Glenn Wheeler’s dreadful accident, the station has done well to improve a touch in that daypart, but overall, no movement to note.



  • Off the back of a controversial Hottest 100, a poor result for Triple J; with all demos 25+ getting smashed; BUT 18-24 having a monster result; up 8.0%. Same as Melbourne.
  • Falls in most dayparts, with daytimes copping the biggest hit, down significantly.
  • Conversely a great result for 702, improving by 1% overall to 9.5%, and into the #2 overall position.
  • All dayparts BMAD did well, with Mornings doing particularly well; traditionally ABC Local Radio performs well at election time, and with the NSW election iminent, 702 is benefiting from this no doubt.

Sky Sports Radio

  • Sky Sports Radio is the old 2KY station, and it is essentially a racing station. This survey has seen the frequency measured for the first time in many years, and it achieved a 0.9% overall. Considering it’s a horse-racing station, that’s probably about where it will sit ongoing.



  • Huge result for 97.3. They take round 1 for 2015 with a 14.8% share 10 plus.
  • Biggest increase was in 40-54’s adding nearly 5% to their total (up 4.7). Other demos also up.
  • 97.3 breakfast had a 2 point nudge to take a 14% share. But the biggest increases for 973 came from Morning and Arvos. Hughesy & Kate debut in drive saw a slight drop 10 plus.
  • 4KQ also had a ripper round, securing a 1.5 increase to take an 8.6% share. That places 4KQ just behind Triple M, great effort for the AM brand.
  • 4KQ also saw nice increases in their sweet spot of 40 plus peeps.
  • The news for 4KQ was also great in breakfast with a 1.8 increase to secure an 8.7% share.



  • For SCA both brands had a small drop for the first book of the year.
  • b105 (now hit105) pulled a 9.3, down .4 on 2014’s last round.
  • While shedding some under 24’s, b105 had a great increase in 25-39’s overall but it still places them down the pack for that demo overall.
  • With breakfast a positive increase for Stav & Abby – now pulling a 9.5 share but lots of catching up to even get close to market leader 973 who have a 15 share.
  • All other shifts for hit105 dropped share with only nights the only one to increase for Brisbane.
  • For Triple M steady as she goes, an 8.7 share down .1.
  • Triple M took some hits in their heartland of 40-54’s, losing 3 points to pull an 11.8 share. Similar result in 25-39’s losing almost 2 points to hold 10.9% of that demo.
  • For breakfast on the M’s, it also lost share. Down .6 for an even 8% share of the Brisbane breakfast pie.
  • Other dayparts dropped with the exception of Drive with Merrick.. and Australia up with a 9.4 share.



  • Nova 106.9 took a thumping for survey #1. They had the biggest 10+ drop of all stations in the market. Shedding 3.7 to 10.8 share of Brisbane. It still places them second in the market but ARN has a strong lead with 15%.
  • Nova took its biggest hits in the demo’s – 18 to 24’s the worst, dropping 9.1 from a 29.2 last book. 25-39’s also got a bit of caning, dropping as well.
  • Breakfast for Nova also took a hit but it still places them 3rd in the market.
  • All other shifts also didn’t escape, the worst result was in drive for Kate Tim and Marty, dropping 5.3 points to pull a 12.4 share.



  • Off the back of huge news cycle in Queensland with the election and natural disasters it hasn’t translated into results for News Talk 4BC.
  • Not even Alan Jones return to the market appeared to help. 4BC lost 1.1% to be back to a 4 % share ten plus.
  • Breakfast for 4BC was down, as was Mornings and Afternoons. The only shift to increase only very marginally was Drive. Nights also took a hit.
  • For music brand Magic882, not a great deal of movement, though down marginally on the last book.
  • Magic had its biggest increase in the 55-64 demo.
  • While Drive was up, the other shifts lost some share.
  • Overall, a rough day for Fairfax in Brisbane.



  • Survey 1 has seen a nice increase for 612 ABC – the Queensland news cycle looks to have gone in their favour. Up 2.2 overall with 10.7 share. That places them 3rd in the market.
  • Any demo past 25 plus is up, the biggest gains for the ABC was the 65+ demo.
  • Breakfast has surged with a 3% increase on last round. They are number 1 in Brisbane a great result off the back off a strong news cycle.
  • Every other shift for 612 is up, with nights securing the biggest lift of them all.
  • For tripleJ, not a real lot of change. Up to a 9.4% share.
  • They own 18-24’s in Brisbane and are super strong in 25-39’s to boot. Commercial brands will kill for some of that share.
  • tripleJ breakfast is a little off the mark compared to 2014 with Afternoons and Drive up on last year.




  • Nova Perth had a cracking year in 2014, and there’s no suggestion 2015 won’t be the same. That said, it’s a pretty ordinary start to the survey year.
  • Overall the station fell by 1.2%, however the demo’s have seen some big changes; teens and 18-24s up strongly, offset by massive falls 25-39 and 40-54.
  • Nova did lead 25-39’s by double their nearest commercial rival in S8, in S1 they still lead, but now by 0.4%. The leading station 25-39 in Perth is triplej.
  • Nova had a rough result in the dayparts as well, with Breakfast declining 2.1% to a 10.7 share.


  • Well this is a first. An ARN station in Perth, and a nice way for ARN to start their Perth ownership.
  • 96FM has moved ahead of Nova (just) with a jump of 1.3%, to 11.5%. The ‘engine room’ of the increase was 25-39’s, where the station has moved up 4% to be a whisker of the #1 commercial share ranking.
  • A great story in the demos, with Breakfast (pictured) and Mornings seeing massive increases, and Afternoons a strong improvement as well. Workdays in Perth are a real tussle between Mix 94.5 and 96FM.



  • Ouch. That’s perhaps an apt description for the hit92.9 result in this survey; however it is still early days for the rebrand and relaunch of the station.
  • The station has declined 1.8% overall, and taken a hit in all demos – the most notable being 25-39’s where they fell by 5.7%.
  • The dayparts weren’t much better with all dayparts falling, in some cases by significant margins.
  • On the positive side, both CHR’s suffered significant falls in this book, so hit92.9 (and Nova) may feel that it was one of those books that wasn’t great for the younger stations, which occasionally can happen.
  • On a more positive note for SCA, Mix had a ripper, and are a clear #1 on 14.9%.
  • Great moves in the demos, and consistent if unspectacular improvements in all dayparts, all of which has resulted in a very strong result.
  • However Mix will be watchful of a growing 96FM, particularly in the workday.



  • Just the one Fairfax Perth station now, with the divestment of 96FM for the price of a small country.
  • And a solid result for 6PR today, improving by 1.1% to 8.4, with strong growth in the upper demos.
  • The dayparts show a consistency that will please Fairfax; all dayparts improving in roughly equal amounts – no spikes.
  • That said, 6PR has under-performed ratings-wise for a long time, and Fairfax will be hoping that this is leading the station up into double figures at some point soon.


Capital Radio

  • 6IX has had a shocker. Down 1.4% to 4.6%. All demos down, and all dayparts down.
  • It is difficult to find any real positives in this result, perhaps the only one is that 6IX of all the Perth stations is likely to be the station that least relies on ratings to sell. And with today’s result, that’s a positive.



  • triplej has reversed the pattern of most of the country in Perth today. Nearly everywhere else, they have smashed 18-24’s out of the park, yet in Perth they’ve taken a massive hit down to a 21.7 share; still respectable mind you.
  • Overall it’s a shocker for triplej in Perth; down everywhere, a sea of red ink, with the only positive being that the station remains in #1 positon 25-39.
  • ABC720 has done pretty well, with a 0.7 jump overall, driven by a solid 25-54 performance. This was offset by a softening 55+.
  • As is generally the case with ABC720, Breakfast led the way, with the station winning the daypart back seeing a 2% jump overall. 720 now has a lead of nearly 1% over Mix in Breakfast.



  • A tale of two stations for ARN, with a great Cruise result and a poor (although still #1) result for Mix 102.3.
  • pictured: John Dean Cruise presenter.
  • Cruise first: up by 1.1% to a 9.2 – quite amazing for an AM music station, biting on the heels of Triple M, and well ahead of hit107.
  • Cruise’s improvements were primarily workday driven with the 9-4 zone seeing strong growth.
  • Mix 102.3 remains #1 overall, but has taken a hit of 1.7% to fall to 13.8 overall.
  • The demos jumped around; big increase 25-39, but big hits 40-54 and under 25.
  • No daypart was unscathed, Mix fell everywhere; however retains a strong lead overall. 



  • Not a good result for SCA Adelaide, with both Triple M and hit107 having poor surveys; although as we have noted elsewhere in other markets, it is still early days for the hit brand.
  • That said, hit107 has fallen by 2.2% to a 5.9 share, and is the lowest ranked commercial station in the market.
  • The shares at the top end were virtually halved, but were not offset by what was presumably expected growth at the bottom end, given hit107 is flanking the market; 18-24’s and teens both also declined.
  • In the dayparts, Breakfast fell by half a point, but it was in the workday where the damage was done, with MADE all seeing falls of between 2.5 and 2.8%.
  • A tough start for hit107 to the survey year; however again, it is early days.
  • Unfortunately for SCA, Triple M has also had a rough day; falling by 1.1% to 9.7.
  • The station saw growth under 40, but got hammered over 40, and with the exception of Evenings, all dayparts declined.


  • Nova, on the other hand, will be pretty happy. They have, at least for the moment, weathered the noise of the hit107 launch and their ratings have held up well.
  • Nova did take a hit 18-24, although not to hit107, and they improved in teens and 25-39s; Nova 91.9 has a commanding lead under 40 in the Adelaide market.
  • However it isn’t all roses, daytimes softened a touch, offset by a strong Drive performance from ‘Kate, Tim & Marty’; but overall Nova would be well pleased in Adelaide.
  • FIVAaa in the absence of football, has seen declines across the board today; all demos are down; excluding 40-54 (+3.7), and all dayparts are down (excluding weekends).
  • Perhaps the worst aspect of todays result is the lead that ABC891 now has in Breakfast over FIVEaa; now over 5% in front.
  • FIVEaa, more than most talk stations, is heavily football driven and they will welcome the start of the AFL season in a week and a half.


  • What a day for the ABC in Adelaide, it is their big result market today.
  • triplej has jumped nearly 1.7% to 8.3 with big increases across the dayparts, in particular the workday where they appear to have seen growth at hit107 and Nova’s expense.
  • The demos were great as well, consistent improvement across the board.
  • And for ABC 891, a massive result – up 2.5% overall to a 12.5 share, and close to striking distance of the overall #1 position.
  • The result was driven by massive improvements 55+ (love that TSL), and a monster Breakfast (pic: Matthew Abraham & David Bevan) and Mornings performance.
  • All told, a ripper day in Adelaide for ABC.



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