Spotify brings call-to-action cards to Australia

Spotify has kicked off call-to-action (CTA) cards in Australia, along with the UK and Canada, which helps advertisers connect with podcast listeners via screen advertisement bubbles. 

CTA cards – similar to banners – display brand advertisements that appear as a podcast begins and resurface later as listeners explore the Spotify app, making it easier for listeners to access brand content by using what marketers call, re-engagement strategy.

The CTA cards have been available in the US since January 2022 and have only just been rolled out in Australia after some trialling. 

However, not everything had gone smoothly in America, with one particular incident being CTA cards for Wild Turkey bourbon appearing on sobriety podcasts, making the product very convenient to access for at risk consumers.

This obvious misplacement of the brand was quickly corrected but shows some insight into the workings of the feature. 

Speaking with Podnews, a Spotify spokesperson said, “Spotify made a technical error that caused ads featuring the Wild Turkey brand to be incorrectly placed on a number of podcasts. We identified the cause and swiftly resolved this matter.”

The showcased brand for Spofity CTA cards in Australia is Sportsbet, which is interesting considering the Wild Turkey incident in America but obviously a great opportunity for the brand, as long as brand saftey is assured. 

Read more about Spotify’s CTA cards here at Spotify.

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