Sponsored segment departs 2GB Breakfast with Alan Jones

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A segment sponsored by BMW has left Alan Jones‘ Breakfast show, opting to move to Ray Hadley‘s Mornings show instead.

As Daily Telegraph reports, the segment ‘Listener Of The Week’ which is sponsored by the luxury car manufacturer has exclusively aired on 2GB Breakfast up to this point.

But the segment moved to Mornings with Hadley for the first time last week.

“As BMW’s advertising plans are commercial in confidence, we won’t be providing any comment,” said Macquarie Media national EP Michael Thompson on the matter.

Jones’ contract with 2GB is up halfway through 2019, and Macquarie Media chairman recently rubbished claims that management wanted the broadcaster gone.

The comments came following reports that the veteran host was disciplined by the board of Macquarie Media over three incidents this year.

The three incidents were the Wagner Defamation Case, Jones’s use of the phrase “n**** in the woodpile” and finally his treatment of Sydney Opera House CEO Lousie Herron.

It’s not the first time that Jones has suffered sponsorship loss due to his controversial on-air personality.

Several companies suspended their advertising from his show in 2012 when he infamously said that then-PM Julia Gillard‘s father “died of shame”.

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6 Dec 2018 - 1:39 am

How pathetic of Macquarie management ! Alan Jones is the best that 2GB has. Ray trots up behind him. Are we now going to see censorship rear it’s ugly head through Macquarie Management? Australians are sick of the atheistic cowards masquerading under the P.C. Flag. Why can’t 2GB leave that to the ABC parrots ? Alan j. is irreplaceable. A Happy and Peaceful Christmas to all !


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