smoothfm’s Cameron Daddo & wife Alison launch new podcast

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NOVA Entertainment has announced a new podcast helmed by Cameron Daddo and wife Alison.

The smoothfm presenter and his wife have launched a series going behind their 28-year marriage called Separate Bathrooms and Other Handy Marriage Tips.

The 10-part series includes music composed by Cameron and will be released on Thursday, May 23.

“I don’t believe anyone stays married for 27 years and says it’s been perfect every day,” said Alison.

It‘s warts and all; this won’t be a photoshopped insta-version of our marriage or how we feel one should work,” Cameron added.

“It is more our reflections on how we’ve made it this far, how we continue to evolve as individuals and as a married couple.”

During the series the Daddos will answer questions from their instagram fans about raising children, marriage counselling, miscarriages, hurdles in relationships and how to overcome them as a team, uprooting their lives to a whole new country as well as issues that are common in most relationships, from raising families to the impact of social media.

“We all know on Instagram and social media, generally speaking people only put their best foot forward, and it looks like everyone is living this incredible life – no cellulite, their teeth as white as snow, and they’re having the best time ever, well, we get a lot of feedback like ‘couple goals’ and comments such as ‘you guys are amazing’,” said Ali.

“For me I think it’s important to share that you don’t get to 28 years without an enormous amount of work, a hell of a lot of struggle, a tonne of tears and pain, and I don’t want people to ever think, wow, look at my marriage compared to theirs.

“There is so much more behind the scenes of a marriage and, for me, I like hearing stories, and I can relate – if it helps with my own journey, then why not share our story.”

Separate Bathrooms and Other Handy Marriage Tips will be available on Acast and all other podcast platforms.

The trailer is available here.

Cameron Daddo can be heard in smoothfm Evenings in Sydney and Melbourne, and around the country on DAB+ – seven nights a week from 8pm.

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Deirdre Anne Haneman
19 Sep 2019 - 2:20 pm

They are so beautiful! They are amazing & a true inspiration for all of us!


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