Sh*t pregnant Fifi says – the premiere

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On the weekend we showed you the teaser for 'Sh*t Pregnant Fifi says' (see it here).

The show have just released the full sequel to 'Sh*t Fifi Box says' starring Jules Lund imitating Fifi and the things she says behind the scenes of the drive show.

Watch it in full below :-

Fifi: I don’t know how I feel about this, because these videos never tend to put me in the best light…

Jules: Well, they put you in the accurate light, which you don’t like seeing back at you. It’s like putting a mirror up to you….obviously the first one was all the idiosyncrasies, the catch cries; but this one is a whole different tone. It’s all the annoying bits that you’ve been shoving into our faces for the last six months while being pregnant and, might I just say, you’re a sitting duck.

Fifi: I can already see Jules on the screen. You are quite an attractive woman, you are an attractive version of me…

Or see it here.

And what did Fifi say after watching the video ?

‘I don’t wave my hands around like that, so it’s already inaccurate…’

‘You really look like me there!’

‘You’re wearing my wardrobe. Have you stretched my clothes?’

If you missed the first one see it here.

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