Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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Have you ever had a Hotel California experience in your career?  Ever been in a good gig for years – but somewhere deep inside there’s a niggling voice of future regret whispering “You’d better be brave and chase all your other dreams now – or you’ll settle in and you will never leave!”  

Here’s some news from someone courageous enough to take the plunge that most of us would be too afraid to …

After 7 extraordinary years as co-star of the breakfast show she helped build to a dominant #1 position, Bianca Dye is making the rare move to face her fear of future regrets head on.  But the downside is she’s had to make the tough decision to leave the comfort of her beloved breakfast show on the Illawarra’s number one station, i98FM. 


So, Bianca, what’s with the sudden decision to move on?  Or has this been a long time coming?

“This is a really tough decision that’s been eating away at me for a long time now.  Because, after 7 years here, there are still so many other important ‘bucketlist’ things I really have to take a shot at in my career and life, and some great opportunities to do some of those things have popped up.  Unfortunately it’s impossible to pursue those things and stay here at the same time, otherwise I would. Which is what’s made this decision so hard.  I’m sure a lot of Radio Today readers have gone through the same angst about ‘should I stay or should I go’ at some point in their careers.”

“So, much as I’ve loved every minute of the last 7 years here, all the listeners, all of the community work we get to be involved in, and the whole wonderful team at i98FM – I know in my heart that it’s now or never – I have to take this plunge now and chase those big dreams while I still can”.


i98FM’s Content Director, Lachlan Kitchen, said “Bianca Dye is without a doubt one of Australia’s finest radio talents and it’s been a career highlight to work with her.  For many people working in radio, her work inspired them to enter radio!  I’d personally like to thank Bianca for all her work at i98 over the past 7 years.  Her immense talent on-air and efforts off-air through her tireless work with charities in our community has left an indelible mark”.

“You only live once and Bianca has made a brave decision to change and chase other opportunities.  Whilst we are sad to see her go, we wish Bianca all the best.  I’m sure she’ll continue to be extremely successful,” Lachlan said.


Bianca, what are these opportunities that are so compelling that you’ve hit the rip-cord?

“Oh, god, I knew you’d ask that.  I actually, genuinely can’t say right now.  But you will be the first to know.   Or the second, or third.  Definitely top 5.  Exciting times.  A bit scary, but exciting, and I can’t wait to be able to tell you about it”.


Congratulations to Bianca for 7 great years of early morning starts at i98FM – and all the best for the mysterious next big adventure.



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