‘It’s been a career highlight’: Scott Muller on WSFM exit [exclusive]

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Australian Radio Network revealed a number of changes on Thursday, including the departure of WSFM content director Scott Muller.

Almost immediately, radio heads began to speculate about his next move.

Radio Today reached out to Muller, who cryptically said his next destination won’t “necessarily be of interest” to readers, which could mean almost anything.

“Yes, my two-year fixed-term with ARN has come to an end, so I’m moving on,” he said.

“I can’t discuss what’s next until after the New Year – though I’m not suggesting it’ll necessarily be of interest to Radio Today readers.

“What I can say is it’s been a privilege to step into the big shoes of the legendary Charlie Fox and to build on his great achievements at WSFM.

“It’s been a career highlight, an honour, and hilarious fun to work with Jonesy & Amanda, EPs Laura Bouchet and Millie Michael, and the whole WSFM team to set new all-time ratings-records for WSFM.”

Muller replaced Charlie Fox at the Pure Gold station, who spent over a decade steering the ship to many victories with Brendan Jones and Amanda Keller on Breakfast before his arrival at ARN.

During his career, he also led Nova 96.9 to #1 in Sydney and delivered Capital Radio London its first significant growth in a decade.

“Not many people can say they’ve been at the helm of two completely different #1 FM stations in Sydney – it’s pretty much Charlie and me – so that’s nice, too, and I have to thank master-strategist Duncan Campbell for that opportunity,” he added.

“It’s also been fantastic to work with Gary Roberts once again, this time on helping revitalise 96fm Perth – that station rocks!”

Muller, a widely respected consultant and talent coach, joined WSFM in January 2018 and appeared on Radio Today’s 40 Most Influential People in Australian Radio in 2019 in July.

He replaced Charlie Fox at the Pure Gold station, who spent over a decade steering the ship to many victories with Brendan Jones and Amanda Keller on Breakfast before Muller’s arrival.

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Bianca Dye
6 Dec 2019 - 10:11 am

Scotty is probably the best content director I have ever worked with
kind creative decent smart no ego & actually knows how to nurture talent to bring out their best..a beautiful human that I ADORED being my boss at nova … i’d be Honored to work with him again one day… a true industry Great…!! Not many left ‍♀️

Andy Grace
6 Dec 2019 - 2:16 pm

Yes, Bianca is spot on. Scott is a super dude and I can say with all honesty, he’s a great manager and people person. Many forget or might never have known he’s also a world class audio producer in his own right.

In case it wasn’t already crystal clear, apart from a few notable exceptions, I don’t hold many radio industry executives in high regard because in my opinion they’ve mostly been far too self-indulgent or just strategically hopeless.

I’m sure they feel exactly the same way about me, but it’s just so refreshing being able to air the views of the vast majority of radio people who are simply unable to express themselves because their contracts and agreements have gutless “no negative comments” or “social media policy” clauses and they’d be in deep trouble! So that one’s for all you guys and girls!

But I can proudly say Scotty *is* one of those notable exceptions to the rule. He’s the only person who has ever fired me (and yes, there have been plenty) that I regard as both a “top bloke” and excellent operator.

6 Dec 2019 - 2:56 pm

What a legend! Scott you were the man who helped me to get my start at Austereo. Ill never forget that. You are a brilliant human being. As Andy and Bianca said, one of the best and not to many left!

Lachlan Kitchen
8 Dec 2019 - 1:47 pm

Scott is a master, he helped me at one stage when I was at a crossroads. I look forward to his next move.


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