Sacked 97.3FM host Mike van Acker reveals stand-up show about axing

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Fresh off being axed from the 97.3FM Breakfast show, Mike van Acker has taken inspiration for his next project.

The comedian has revealed his new stand-up show will be called Sacked, and is set to detail his sudden removal from ARN’s Brisbane Brekky show.

ARN called an end to the Bianca, Mike & Bob show in December 2019, announcing that Bianca Dye and van Acker would not return in 2020.

Since then, the network has revealed the return of Robin Bailey, herself sensationally axed in 2016, alongside Bob Gallagher and former co-host Terry Hansen (who left for health-related reasons in 2018).

“I knew it would be the elephant in the room anyway so I thought I may as well throw it together, write about what I know and what people want to hear anyway,” van Acker told Courier Mail.

“The show is not anti 97.3 or anti radio. It’s about the process of being sacked, and I’ll talk a little bit about that happens, and of rebuilding and the emotional side of being sacked. I’m not planning on burning any bridges.

“Terry has already sent a text saying he will come and see it.”

He revealed that he wasn’t surprised by the return of Bailey to 97.3m but thought “there was a good chance I would stay on with Robin and Bob.”

Van Acker also revealed he is in talks with two radio networks and he believes there is “a very good chance I might have something soon.”

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21 Jan 2020 - 1:16 pm

If he tells even one funny joke, that’ll be one joke more than he told during his breakfast stint… talk about sour grapes.

22 Jan 2020 - 9:32 pm

Yes Frank, they won the ratings and he was a complete passenger. He didn’t knock the show, or the station in that piece, he was actually quite gracious when he is probably hurting. But, you’re so right, and the listeners were all wrong. It’s so easy to put the boot in from behind your keyboard. Dickhead!

23 Jan 2020 - 3:47 pm

Thank you Frank, that’s a very measured and insightful comment. What a lovely person you must be to make a statement like that about a person who is probably going through a difficult time after the public humiliation of being sacked after winning the ratings – and spoiler alert, I am. Thank you for your contribution to my mental health, I really appreciate your input.

23 Jan 2020 - 10:27 pm

I’m sorry you had to read posts like Frank’s, Mike. I’m actually Frank’s brother, Trank, and Frank was born without humour. The rest of our family are huge fans of your’s and congratulations on topping the ratings! Good luck on your next endeavour!


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