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We were contacted by an HR person this week regarding an article published on Radio Info revealing their Google Analytics traffic to their jobs page.

They asked how Radio Today's traffic, to our jobs page, compares to the figures that Radio Info quoted for their site. Fair question. So we had a look.

Based on the timeframe used "January 1 to December 18", here are the page views for each site.

  Job Page Views Site Page Views
Radio Today 246,532 4,544,610
Radio Info 214,499 * 2,144,997


We should state that Radio Info didn't reveal their jobs traffic figure, rather noted that it was around 10% of the overall page views to their site, which they published as above.

At right is what Radio Info wrote on their site.

What the figures reveal is that Radio Today has significantly more traffic to our jobs page than Radio Info; and the overall site traffic to Radio Today is over double Radio Info – based on the Google Analytics measure.

Let's be clear, we're not suggesting the other guys aren't worth a look occasionally, and they clearly have people checking out their jobs page. Just not as many as Radio Today, and that is why we always have more job opportunities on Radio Today than any other radio site.

And we appreciate it very much, given there is a cost involved for the radio networks and stations. Radio Today never runs, and has never run, free employment ads, so we genuinely appreciate the commitment and the support from the industry.

It is crystal clear as to where the bulk of industry traffic is going, and for that we thank you.

But……we reckon we can do better.

Watch for the evolution of Radio Today in the first quarter of 2015 as we build a better, stronger radio industry site for you.


Screenshot from Google Analytics Jan 1-2014 to Dec 18-2014 for Radio Today.

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