Rosso attacks SAFM’s Beveridge

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Mumbrella have published an interview today in their semi-regular segment 'fake it till you make it', with new SAFM Breakfast host, Michael Beveridge.

Beveridge had his tongue quite firmly in his cheek throughout the interview; when asked what skills were required to be good at Breakfast radio, he said;

'Radio is tough. Very tough. You have to go through a rigorous course of getting into a reality TV show to get the majority of your training, and even then there’s no guarantee.' 

And he gave a lighthearted snapshot of what he referred to as radio lingo, describing it as 'absurd';

'Here’s a legitimate sentence that someone said to me during my first show. “Alright we’ll sweep into something at the outerbreak, let’s make sure we have a good bed going for our new weekly sting and Micky let’s have you lead this rave in the next break because your new benchmark is coming up next.”'

Not everyone appreciated the tone of the interview, with ARN's Tim 'Rosso' Ross taking to his personal Facebook profile to call Beveridge 'an A-Grade fuckwit'. 

Read the full Mumbrella interview here.

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