Report: In-car radio listening falls in US as streaming rises

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A new report by Edison Research has found that in-car listening habits are changing in the US.

The results were characterised by a significant drop in drivers listening to AM/FM radio, with only 68% tuning in during their commute in 2018 compared with 83% in 2015.

As Music3.0 reports, the study was based around commuters driving at least 20 minutes to and from work and found that Americans are much less reliant on radio.

25% of driving time was spent listening to streamed audio or podcasts.

The study also found that 75% of Americans get most of their information about news, traffic and music from solo one-hour drives to and from work.

Those who did listen to radio were found to switch their audio source or channel 200% more than those streaming, with 36% saying they switched specifically to avoid commercials.

Of those radio listeners, people between the ages of 18-34 were most likely to switch constantly, and were characterised as “restless commuters”.

Another category, “seekers”, switched occasionally and tended to me ben aged 35-54.

Finally, those least likely to switch were called “keepers” and tended to be men aged 55+ with shorter commutes and higher incomes.

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