Red Symons “I’m very odd”

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ABC 774's Breakfast host Red Symon's has given an interview with Neil McMahon in The Age, which is highly entertaining, and well worth a read.

Red's on-air style could be described as unique, and in a competitive media environment where differentiation is critical, he certainly is different to any other offering on Breakfast radio.

In the interview, speaking of his radio success he says:

“On the rare occasions that I hear myself I just think I’m very odd. I don’t know how else to describe it."

 "No one else would set out to do what I’m doing on the radio because it doesn’t sound like a good idea sometimes. I’m given to capricious enthusiasm about things and I drag the audience along with me.”

Red also tells The Age that radio is the medium that he believes comes closest to revealing the real Red;

“When you're in a band and playing an instrument, people don’t have the slightest idea what you’re thinking. When you're on television, particularly on something like Red Faces, you pursue a very specific aspect of your personality because that’s the gag." 

"Radio feels to me like it opens everything up. You can’t be on the air for 10 years thinking out loud without pretty much completely revealing yourself.”

You can read the full interview in The Age here.


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