Ray Hadley’s Sydney show commits regional faux pas, gets dumped

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It seems as though Ray Hadley forgot that he has listeners – and stakeholders – in regional NSW this morning, naming and shaming an employee from a sponsor of the Triple M regional network in Orange (on which Hadley’s show is broadcast).

On his 2GB Morning show, Ray Hadley read out a statement about a police investigation concerning an employee of West Orange Motors – one of Triple M’s biggest advertisers in the Orange market.

The station promptly cut to an ad break followed by music following the segment, with listeners told it was due to a technical difficulty – but not before Hadley accused them of censorship.

“I don’t like being stood over by radio station management in provincial stations,” he argued later.

“If you have a problem with the advertisers, sort it out. But don’t try to censor me!”

UPDATE: SCA has issued the statement below following the incident.

“SCA apologises for the temporary interruption to the Ray Hadley program this morning.  A segment of the program related to a case currently before the court which we are not permitted to discuss on-air.”

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Jill french
1 Jul 2019 - 1:54 pm

Please come back on in hervey bay.


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