Ray Hadley takes time off after surgery

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2GB's Ray Hadley has confirmed he went in for surgery last Friday night where doctors searched for possible cancer, instead they found "unexplained particles" on his right lung.

Hadley told close friends of the scare in an email before revealing the details to his listeners this morning.

Doctors told him the fluid "should never be there except when someone was battling either lung cancer, or a cancer close to your lung, mesothelioma, or tuberculosis."

Ray wrote to friends saying: "The surgeon who did the operation said nothing was obvious to him from the internal examination of my right lung…..today (being Wednesday) or tomorrow I'll get the result of the five biopsies and fingers crossed it's an unknown superbug."

Results from his GP confirmed no cancer, "but there are unexplained particles in my right lung. They say probably the result of some sort of virus, or bug, I picked up at the tail end of the London Games. I'll meet with my specialist next week to map out the next step, but it looks like I'll be here for a bit longer putting a burr under the saddle of those who need to be held to account."

"I'm very cogniscent a lot of people in my position who don't have the luck that I've had … that they go in for the test and the phone call they get is to tell them they do have a very serious illness. So I won't talk anymore about it because I think it's particularly important when you've won the lottery, you've dodged a bullet, you don't dwell on it. You just get on with life and don't dwell on it and your thoughts are with those people who get the phone call, in the past or in the future, and it's not the sort of phone call they want to get."

Macquarie boss Russell Tate has told Hadley to take some time off. Hadley will return to 2GB on the 29th.

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