Ray Hadley wraps show up early citing medical issues

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The Ray Hadley Morning Show on Sydney’s 2GB and Brisbane’s 4BC was without its eponymous host for part of today’s program, with Hadley having to urgently attend a specialist appointment.

Host of Afternoons, Deb Knight, joined Hadley in the studio to take over so he could get to the medical appointment.

“Well I don’t think I’ve had to do this before, but as I told you last week I had to have a procedure done last Tuesday and I’ve been struggling ever since, and I had a discussion during a news break with my specialist, and he wants me to comeback in to see him immediately,” he told his listeners during the 11am hour.

“I was hoping I could go for the next 35 minutes and get through it, but I can’t, so Deborah Knight has very kindly offered to assist me and she is in the studio right now. Deb I’m sorry to do this to you.”

Knight said she was more than happy to fill in, and that health must be people’s first priority.

Hadley did not elaborate further and then let Knight take over.

He said he hoped to be back on air on Tuesday.

Nine Radio has been contacted for confirmation about Hadley’s health and availability for work tomorrow.

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9 Dec 2020 - 1:08 pm

Ray Hadley, The last of the Conservatives on daytime on that 2GB, a station that has become a Woke, Left-Wing radio station. So sad the demise. Look out Mike McLaren, your next mate. Next you know, Peter Fitzsimmons and Waleed Ally will complete the transformation. Lucky, people switching off radio in droves and mainstream media as alternative media options are available to the free market thinkers and free-speech advocates. Let’s hope 9, SMH and 2GB are not charging the same rates for advertisers as they used to as audiences drop.


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