A courtroom battle between Chris Bowen and Ray Hadley is underway

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Ray Hadley is facing allegations of bullying by former producer Chris Bowen in Sydney’s Downing Centre District Court this week.

Barrister Shaun McCarthy told the court that the 2GB host had levelled “vile, homophobic slurs” against Bowen at least 94 times during his career at the station.

“On 20 occasions, Mr Hadley called my client a bald, fat c***,” he said on Monday, according to a report in today’s Daily Telegraph.

Bowen has also alleged that Hadley once made “disgraceful” and racist comments about the producer’s loved ones, even calling one a “lazy, black c*nt,” the court heard.

According to the Tele, McCarthy wants to withhold the names of those giving evidence in the case because his client, Bowen, fears “witness intimidation”.

Hadley’s defence team have argued there is “no factual underpinning” to the claim.

Bowen first publically levelled the allegations of bullying in March last year, in an explosive Facebook post that alleged “16 years of intense bullying” by his former boss and friend.

Bowen, who left 2GB in 2017, went on to say that he was subjected to “out of control sheer rage” that was directed at him “at least weekly”.

He also revealed that he had complained to station management as far back as 2008, but adding that “complaining was about as effective as setting yourself on fire”.

Hadley quickly responded to the allegations on his top-ratings morning show, saying at the time he was “sorry for any hurt” that he’d caused Bowen, but that he felt “obliged to defend” himself.

The following month, in April, Bowen engaged the services of lawyer John Laxon.

Laxon is no stranger to facing 2GB and Hadley in court. In 2014 he fought for former 2GB employee Richard Palmer, with their allegations against Hadley resulting in a settlement.

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