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'The Shire' has begun with 941,000 and second for the night in the 16-39 demo.

It has obviously created a lot of talk.

Here's what some radio people had to say on Twitter…

Dave Williams


Might dedicate my first hour of radio tomorrow to that promising artist known as Rif Raf. Smouse is filthy #TripleM @TripleMMelb #theshire

wendy_harmer ‏


Son says om The Shire: Well, that's half an hour of my life you just ruined. You owe me, mum.

Jo Stanley


Oh my Go-ud, #TheShire is like so baaaaad, but it like totally makes me feel superior. Just because I can spell my own name.

Todd Campbell


#theShire that loud noise? The sound of property prices falling in the shire!

Ryan Fitzgerald ‏


Rif Raf. How many dudes you know roll like that, how dudes you know flow like that, not many, if……….nah he is the only one. #theshire

Dave Hughes ‏


It's hard to believe people from #theShire were capable of organizing a riot.

Jason Morrison ‏


Which one from #theshiretv will: (1)Win best newcomer logie (2) Be hosting a radio show in 2013 (3) appear in sutherland local court first?

Tony Martin ‏


I miss the days of sophisticated shows like 'Being Lara Bingle'. #TheShireTV























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