Radio: A Summer of Love

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The GfK AudienScope Q4 results have been released by Commercial Radio Australia showing how strong radio is over summer compared to other mediums.

While we see the breakfast and drive teams disappear over Christmas and the New Year, the results show that Radio is still connecting over summer with 84% using their radio more. Compare that to TV’s 76% and 54% for Newspapers.

Joan Warner CEO of CRA said: “Stations often do their own research over summer but this is the first time we’ve done an all of industry survey into summer listening across the five state metropolitan markets.”

With the GfK radio ratings providing the data on “who” is listening to “what”,  AudienScope looks at the reasons “why” by digging a little deeper into our listeners behaviors.

The results for this quarter also shows how radio is used during the summer holidays showing 64% of people listen to radio stations at their holiday destination.  In addition summer audiences are spending more in summer on eating out (43%), attractions and fun parks (42%), cinema (31%), fast food (29%) and groceries (23%).

Dr Morten Boyer, General Manager of GfK Media, said: “A strong test of any relationship is whether it can survive change, and radio audiences undergo a lot of change during summer. The program content changes and many listeners are on holidays. Yet, even in this very different environment, the power of radio love is prevailing.”

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