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News Limited website ‘The Punch’ has today published an opinion piece attacking commercial radio and its support, or lack of in their view, for Australian music.
The article can be read in full here.

There is a broader debate on the issue of Australian content which we propose to address over the next week, however here are some extracts from 'The Punch' article today written by Daniel Piotrowski:


'Thank god for triple J. Because they’re one of the only popular stations on the FM band that not only play, but cultivate, Australian musical talent. That is, unlike their commercial radio counterparts, who argue that they shouldn’t be obligated to play Australian music at all.

Because hey, it’s so much better to pollute the airwaves with nonstop AutoTuned Katy Perry ballads about how her present emotional state resembles a plastic bag.

This is particularly frustrating, because contemporary Australian music is actually, well, good. Don’t let most seasons of Australian Idol fool you. We’ve got artists like Cut Copy, Angus and Julia Stone, Boy and Bear, Matt Corby, Ballpark Music and Megan Washington. And then there’s Gotye, who shot to number 1 on the UK charts a couple of weeks ago.

They should play it more because it’s good music. There’s no doubt many on the inside would want to. As the Laneway Festival was touring around the country earlier this month, radio announcer Ryan Fitzgerald, of Nova’s ‘Fitzy and Wippa’, tweeted: “I can’t wait to back announce some of these bands from The Laneway Festival on Nova in 3 years time.”

A damn long time to wait. Thank god we’ve got triple J.'


So what do you think of what the Punch has said.

Is commercial radio an easy target for people who are able to sit outside and attack?

Is Triple J doing enough?

Should commercial radio prioritise Australian music more than it does?

Should Fitzy be banned from tweeting?

Give us your thoughts.

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