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They were a couple of Producers of the “Kyle & Jackie O Show” on 2day,  Matt Simpson and Bruno Bouchet. They have gone out and launched a new podcast series, Matt & Bruno: The Probe.

It features interviews with some of the top media minds and gets to the bottom of how they operate and what got them to where they are.

We thought it was worth checking out so we caught up with Matt Simpson for a quick wrap on “The Probe”.

How long have you been planning to launch The Probe?


Matt Simpson: We have been talking about doing a podcast for over a year… but then we would sober up and forget about it. In the past 3 months we really started getting serious, doing "pilot shows" and have been so surprised that people agreed to come on an unpublished podcast.

So you were both Producers with Kyle and Jackie O – What was the best part of being part of that on 2day?

Matt Simpson: Without a doubt it was getting to work with Kyle & Jackie O.

They are one of the few "once in a lifetime" radio shows. Getting to work closely with them was a real thrill.

When we worked with Kyle & Jackie they had been together 8-10 years and had done it all … and we really revelled in having to think of a twist on a segment they had done before or thinking of something that they had never done before. 

Tell us about your “short-lived Saturday morning show on 2DayFM”… how long did it survive?  What did you learn from that experience?

Matt Simpson: The show was called "The Producers Edition of The Kyle & Jackie O Show" and the idea was to give listeners an insight into what happened behind the scenes that week on The Kyle & Jackie O Show. 

The biggest learning experience from that show was not to give up our day jobs. We are competent producers … but certainly weren't worthy of a shift on 2DAYFM.

Who will make the cut for probing with your Podcasts…. Are there certain character traits you are looking for?

Matt Simpson: We are looking for people that we would love to learn from.

It's all very selfish but we just want to talk to people we admire.. and who we've always wanted to get to know a little more.

Will you be going beyond radio?

Matt Simpson:  Absolutely, our dream list contains comedians, TV hosts.. both from Australia and overseas.


With the first few interviews up now,  “Matt & Bruno: The Probe” have three profile interviews; Ben Fordham, Ross Stevenson and Peter Ford – you can hear them all on RadioToday.

Ross Stevenson  tells how he blatantly lied to his PD and that was the only reason the legendary segment “The Rumour File” got On-Air. Their chat with Ben Fordham (Right) delves into his days as a founding member of the Stan Zemanek fan club. And Peter Ford, reveals the truth behind his feud with John Michael Howson and why Richard Wilkins won't go to his house again.

 “Matt and Bruno: The Probe” plan to have new interviews fortnightly and we will feature them on RadioToday as they come around.



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