Podcast Idea: Top 10 Moments

So you want to start a new podcast, but can’t figure out what it should be about. The Top 10 Moments may be just the thing you need to get started.

This idea works because it delivers your best material as fresh content that hasn’t been heard before. Plus, it’s content that your fans will love, since it’s premium material from their favorite (hopefully) show.

Top 10 Moments Execution

The idea is to create a weekly, hosted podcast featuring the 10 best moments of your show from the previous week. As you populate the podcast every week, you’re also building an archive of content for listeners to discover.

Executing it is fairly easy, but requires editing and curation. Each segment featured should be trimmed to just the highlights. This will keep the podcast shorter and frankly, more exciting. There’s no magic formula for the proper length of each edited segment, but if each is limited to a couple of minutes, that’s still 20 minutes of content for each podcast before your comments that set up each segment.

Since the audio is an edited version of the original material, you’ll need to set up each highlight. Build up the break with character and personality, but keep it short. Provide a re-set so the audience understands the context, then pick up the highlighted audio just as the best parts are about to begin.

You could present the highlights in random order, chronologically or as a Top 10 Countdown from #10 to #1.

Top 10 Moments Bonus Material

If you really want to add value to the podcast, include some bonus material in the podcast that wasn’t heard on the air. For example, maybe you had a great phone topic as one of the highlights. Add an extra call or two on the podcast, and call attention to it, of course.

You could also include bonus content from interviews, guests or segments that you didn’t have time for on the air during the week.

If you air a popular feature, you could include a classic episode. This makes the podcast more promotable, and expands the appeal to fans of that feature.

Promote Top 10 Moments/Promote the Show

The ultimate goal of the podcast is to feed your radio show, and the best way to do it is increasing podcast distribution. So promote the new podcast on the air, as you would a Best Of show. For example:

“Never miss the best moments of the show. Listen on demand anytime with the (show) podcast.”

You can also promote it via social media, email newsletters, on your website and at appearances.

On the podcast, promote your show, especially any specific tune-in moments.

Quality Advice

Keep in mind that the media world is filled with environment options and busy people who tune out podcasts just as they tune out radio and TV.

Remember that no matter how compelling your content, if you fail to grab them with the hook, it doesn’t matter. The same is true with podcasts.

For an example, check out The World of Phil Hendrie’s podcast.

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