Peter Moon on the ‘toxic chemistry’ with Wendy Harmer

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Peter Moon was once co-host of the 2Day FM breakfast show with Wendy Harmer.

Moon appeared on Triple M’s The Grill Team this morning ahead of the first ep of Underbelly Squizzy this Sunday.

In the chat he revealed the toxic chemistry between himself and Harmer and the anxieties between them that led to comedy… plus his regret for not sticking around to knock off Alan Jones.

Hear the full chat below :-
or hear it here

Matty Johns:
Now Moony, it’s amazing how time flies, back in the day you had a young guy punching your buttons by the name of Jamie Angel, and these days Jamie Angel is actually our boss, can I ask you back then was he addicted to cocaine and heroin, because he’s really made a mess of himself these days.

Peter Moon:
Oh has he, no I don’t think people could afford it back then, because Wendy (Harmer) was getting paid too much, he was actually a nice bloke, there weren’t many nice blokes in the radio business, if he was using pharmaceuticals that might explain how he did it.

Matty Johns:
Back in the day, how big though, because the radio industry was a bit like the rock and roll industry… how much sex drugs and rock and roll were there in Sydney radio?

Peter Moon:
In my case, just let me add it up, zero, I was struggling to think of bullshit to say the next day. I don’t know if it’s the same for you but I was a stickler for preparing, a lot of the things I did on radio were prepared… they weren’t straight off the top of my head, it’s actually quite a hard job really.

Matty Johns:
It’s like you’re jetlagged the whole time Moony we can testify to that. We meet people who say we can’t believe you blokes get on so well, because most brekkie crews don’t get on is that an urban myth or what?

Peter Moon:
The thing is, the circumstances of my departure were basically, I just got told we’re not renewing your contract, so I’ve never actually been able to actually work out was the reason for it, I can only conclude it might have been something I said, but then it’s hard to pin down what that might have been because I insulted Wendy more or less every day for nine years. But she and I never got on, we knew each other ten years before that, and we had this really toxic chemistry, and that seemed to be what people wanted to hear.

Matty Johns:
It’s amazing that you guys were at the top and never had a great relationship!

Peter Moon:
Oh really did it sounded like we liked each other?

Matty Johns:
A lot of it we put down to banter.

Gus Worland:
It was just banter for humours sake rather than real feelings.

Peter Moon:
I think comedy comes from stress, it’s about resolving stress, we certainly had a lot of anxiety to bring to the table… a lot to resolve, that was the biggest regret that I had, we actually got close to knocking Alan Jones off, such is my disdain for Alan Jones, I would have loved to have done that, because I just think he’s a canker or a barnacle on the bum of… I don’t know, finish it yourself… I hope I wasn’t being nasty to Alan then.

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